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/ Establishment of YES__pte.ltd, a new corporate entity in Singapore with EUGENE STUDIO / Eugene Kangawa

Establishment of YES__pte.ltd, a new corporate entity in Singapore with EUGENE STUDIO / Eugene Kangawa

Establishment of YES_pte.ltd

YES__pte.ltd is pleased to announce the establishment of a new corporate entity in Singapore, with Yunosuke Shigesato serving as the CEO, alongside EUGENE STUDIO / Eugene Kangawa (hereafter referred to as Eugene).

EUGENE STUDIO  https://the-eugene-studio.com/

Yunosuke Shigesato, the CEO, previously worked at Mitsubishi Corporation, where he was involved in overseas manufacturing, distribution, retail, and e-commerce in the lifestyle industry. In Indonesia, he played a role in establishing, managing, and eventually selling an IT startup.

Drawing on these experiences, we aspire to propel Eugene's activities to new heights, achieving unprecedented expansion in both scale and speed, as we commit to provide a significant impact on people's perspectives on their lives.

As part of the initial projects at YES__pte.ltd, there is an ongoing plan to build Eugene's solo art museum in Southeast Asia with our respected partners, as well as to hold solo exhibitions in the museums in Asia, all of which contribute to the global scaling of Eugene's artistic activities, leading to the establishment of the company. Additionally, in November 2023, we will open an art museum preparatory room in the central area of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia (Details of the preparatory room will be released later).

Photo by Asuka.Y. ©2023 Eugene Kangawa/EUGENE STUDIO ©2023 YES__pte.ltd

◾️Message from Representative

Co-Founder / CEO Yunosuke Shigesato

Throughout my life, "experience" and "narrative" have always provided me with a sense of solace. As I've matured, this inclination has driven me to leverage my past business experiences to directly influence the realms of these two domains.

In my encounter with Eugene and through supporting his work, I've directly experienced the intrinsic value of contemporary art and its potential to exhibit global universality, and I'm delighted to start this new chapter.

I am convinced that businesses built around unique intellectual properties (IP) have distinctiveness and advantages that set them apart from traditional industries or startup businesses from the standpoint that it can aim for extraordinary growth with minimal investment. Our vision for the IP business deviates from both cultural activities and capitalist economic activities, aspiring to create an autonomous and fluid economic sphere.

The world has entered an era dominated by platforms where real experiences have gained greater value. Behind these experiences lie deeply woven narratives. We believe there's significant value in understanding and envisioning these narratives.

At YES__, we're committed to working on the creation of IP in the two domains: "experience" and "narrative."

We believe that these two domains will become essential aspects of human life that can influence lifestyles and values in the future, evolving into a new form of entertainment.

We aim to collaborate with Eugene to create IP that brings joy and emotional resonance to a broader audience, expanding through various channels and industries in the form of a business.

Yunosuke Shigesato

◾️Yunosuke Shigesato Profile

Born in Osaka in 1989. A graduate of Waseda University. Yunosuke joined Mitsubishi Corporation in 2013, where he was involved in the overseas trade of food ingredients, business investments and management in Indonesia, and various entrepreneurial activities within the company, including launching an IT venture and selling the business. In July 2023, Yunosuke embarked on an entrepreneurial journey and founded the present company.

◾️Message from Eugene Kangawa

I am delighted that my approximately three-year journey with Mr. Shigesato has evolved into a remarkable venture. It began when I was preparing for a solo exhibition at the art gallery, and by a fortunate coincidence, our paths have crossed.

Artworks are truly enigmatic as they can transport people, at times even the artist himself, to somewhere far beyond the wildest imaginations. It has made me realize that the journey takes us into a world with uncertain fluctuations and diversity, experiencing how artworks propagate and witnessing the incredible events that unfold within this ever-changing world. I'm also excited about the prospect of these artworks continuing to enrich various facets of society.

This principle applies not only to the realm of art but to new moments in life in general. I firmly believe that these moments often originate from new places and unconventional approaches. It's crucial not to be overly bound by existing notions and historical precedents, while still remaining open to learning from them.

I'm eager to share exciting future announcements with all of you.

Eugene Kangawa


Eugene Kangawa was born in 1989, known for his paintings and large scale installations, his past exhibitions include EUGENE STUDIO After the rainbow (2021-2022) at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, de-sport (2020) at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, 89+ (2014) at the Serpentine Gallery, London etc.

He is the youngest artist ever to have a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, which has hosted solo exhibitions by some of Japanese contemporary artists in the past, including Yayoi Kusama and Yoko Ono and others. This exhibition, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, garnered significant attention with hours-long waits and thousands of people in line.

His early activities were summarized in 2017 in the book The Age of Art × Technology (written by Daisuke Miyatsu, Kobunsha Shinsho) as one of the four leading Japanese artists along with Team Lab and others. In addition, two short films released in the US in 2021 have been selected as Official Selection or won awards at several film festivals, including the Brooklyn Film Festival, Urbanworld Film Festival, Pan African Film Festival, Houston International Film Festival, Rhode Island International Film Festival, and other US Academy Award Qualifiers.




◾️Company Profile

  Company Name: YES__pte.ltd

  Establishment: August 4, 2023

  Address: 336 Smith Street, New Bridge Centre, Singapore #05-303, S050336

  Contact Information

  Email: info@yesunderbar.com

※ Please contact info@yesunderbar.com for photo usage.

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