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/ Forest Interactive Celebrates 17 Years of Innovation and Success with Global Partners

Forest Interactive Celebrates 17 Years of Innovation and Success with Global Partners

Forest Interactive
Celebrating 17th years anniversary, Forest Interactive gives appreciation to its global partners.

KUALA LUMPUR, JUNE 22ND 2023 -- Forest Interactive, a trailblazing Malaysian mobile technology company with offices across the globe, celebrates its 17th year anniversary. Throughout its remarkable journey, Forest Interactive has consistently spearheaded innovation, revolutionizing the global mobile industry with its unparalleled solutions and services. With unwavering determination, Forest Interactive has firmly established itself as a leader, empowering mobile enterprises worldwide with cutting-edge advancements. 

Founded in 2006 by Johary Mustapha, Forest Interactive has grown from three employees to being a multinational company. Today, it operates in more than 30 countries. With a focus on mobile content distribution and mobile technology solutions, Forest Interactive has been instrumental in shaping the digital landscape and driving the mobile industry forward, across SEA region and beyond. 

Over the years, Forest Interactive has built a reputation for its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. By constantly adapting to the evolving needs of the industry, the company has successfully navigated the challenges and complexities of the digital world. Today, Forest Interactive stands as a trusted partner for businesses, by providing scalable and innovative mobile solutions, such as Digital Service Delivery Platform (DSDP), Content Subscription Services and Digital Voucher Platform (DVP), that help drive growth and success. 

Johary Mustapha, the CEO and Founder of Forest Interactive, expressed his excitement stating, "As we celebrate our 17th year anniversary, I am filled with immense pride and gratitude. It is an incredible journey that we have embarked upon, and I am grateful to our dedicated team, valued partners, and clients for their unwavering support. Together, we have achieved remarkable milestones and created a lasting impact in the mobile industry." 

Forest Interactive extends its heartfelt gratitude to its global partners and clients for their invaluable contributions. Through strategic collaborations, Forest Interactive has expanded its reach to 1.8 billion customers and has delivered exceptional solutions worldwide. Forest Interactive expresses its utmost appreciation to ABA Bank for the remarkable partnership that has paved the way for millions of Cambodians to enjoy convenient access to premium digital content. Through the integration of Forest Interactive's cutting-edge technology into the ABA Mobile app, users can seamlessly purchase digital vouchers for popular online entertainment platforms and stores, including Amazon, Google Play Store, Netflix, and more.  

The company through ACLEDA Bank, another Cambodian partner, has revolutionized the digital landscape in the country through seamless and secure digital transactions. The transformative impact of this partnership has empowered Cambodians to effortlessly access and enjoy a diverse range of digital content and services with convenience, flexibility, reliability, and security, leading to a remarkable surge in demand for the accessibility provided by digital vouchers.  

In Indonesia, Forest Interactive partners with IDN Media as the Master of Content Provider (MOCP). IDN Media has played a pivotal role as an aggregator, facilitating Forest Interactive in delivering a wide array of up-to-date and captivating content for mobile operator VAS services. This collaboration has allowed Forest Interactive to provide users with a diverse range of engaging content, keeping them informed and entertained. Forest Interactive is truly grateful for this exceptional partnership that has elevated the mobile operator VAS services to new heights. 

Aligned with Forest Interactive’s commitment to foster gender-equal-future of work in the digital age, Forest Interactive recognizes its partnership with LeadWomen in fostering inclusive workplace cultures where everyone can truly belong. LeadWomen's shared values and commitment to equality and inclusivity have been instrumental in enabling Forest Interactive to create, nurture, and sustain an environment that embraces diversity and empowers all talents. Forest Interactive is deeply thankful for the transformative impact of this exceptional partnership, which has propelled the company to strive for excellence in creating an inclusive workplace where every individual's unique strength and perspective are celebrated and valued. 

As Forest Interactive enters its 17th year, the company remains committed to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction. With a strong foundation built on years of experience and a forward-thinking approach, Forest Interactive is poised to continue its growth and make a lasting impact in the mobile technology industry. 

About Forest Interactive
Founded in 2006, Forest Interactive develops scalable mobile platforms to connect mobile operators with their subscribers. With over 17 years of industry experience, Forest Interactive has expanded to include a diverse workforce of 20+ nationalities in 14 regional offices. Delivering content subscription services, service delivery platforms, digital vouchers, e-commerce platforms, and mobile apps for all ages, Forest Interactive operates in more than 25+ countries, servicing 90+ mobile operators and 100+ content partners with the capacity to reach over one billion subscribers worldwide. Visit forest-interactive.com to learn more.
Ameer Junejo Media and Communications Lead Forest Interactive ameer.junejo@forest-interactive.com

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