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/ An Edo-Era Japan Horror, Chiyo announced for 31st October 2023

An Edo-Era Japan Horror, Chiyo announced for 31st October 2023

SCRYsoft and Nimbus Games announcing their latest title, Chiyo releasing on Steam and Playstation October 31 2023.


Chiyo Launching on PC and PlayStation Q4 2023.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – October 31, 2023 – Indie games studio Nimbus Games will be launching Chiyo published by SCRYsoft in Q4 2023. Chiyo is a first-person escape room-style puzzle game that will be out exclusively on digital store shelves of Steam and PlayStation Store at $8.99USD in Q4 2023.

Chiyo is a first-person escape room atmospheric horror game set in Japan's Edo era. As Idate Chiyo, a paranormal investigator possessing supernatural abilities, players are tasked with investigating an abandoned mansion and unveiling dark family secrets. Through solving puzzles and navigating their way through narrow hallways and atmospheric horror, the player will face sinister challenges to find the lore surrounding the abandoned mansion.

Key Gameplay Features:

·         An immersive escape room puzzle game set in an abandoned mansion to challenge both your wits and your nerves. 

·         Assume the role of Idate Chiyo with unique supernatural powers allowing players to dive into the paranormal realm. 

·         Engaging storyline uncovering the mysteries and lore of an abandoned mansion, a powerful family’s dark dealings whilst also avoiding the consequences the previous tenants faced.

·         Immersive horror backdrop set in, Edo Japan and in the same universe of the original [Malice] game.

About Nimbus Games

Nimbus Games is an indie games studio founded 18th April 2016 by brothers Joseph and Caleb Teng in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Previously being designers and owners of a real-life escape room business as well as programmers in their free time. With their love of games, the brothers set out to create escape-room horror theme games and have launched up to 3 mobile games as well and 1 game for PC.

Notable Achievements:

·         #MYMDEC’s LEVEL UP KL SEA Game Awards 2021 Finalist

·         #MYMDEC’s LEVEL UP KL SEA GAME AWARDS Indie Pitch 2021 Top 10 Finalist

·         #MYMDEC’s LEVEL UP KL SEA GAME AWARDS 2021 Audience Choice Awards Nominee

·         #MYMDEC’s LEVEL UP KL SEA Game Awards 2022 Finalist

·         #MYMDEC’s LEVEL UP KL SEA GAME AWARDS 2022 Best Game Technology Nominee

·         #MYMDEC’s LEVEL UP KL SEA GAME AWARDS 2023 Best Game Audio Winner

About SCRYsoft:

SCRYsoft was established in 2018 and based in Singapore and Malaysia with the goal of working with indie game studios and developers in the production of their game, funding and marketing to get their games the relevant support to get off the ground.

Social Media: 

·         SCRYSoft: Website  

·         Nimbus Games Studios: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram LinkedIn | YouTube


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