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/ Mustafa Jewellery Opening in Melaka Makes Malaysia’s Largest Jewellery Showroom

Mustafa Jewellery Opening in Melaka Makes Malaysia’s Largest Jewellery Showroom

Mustafa Jewellery
Mustafa Jewellery, renowned worldwide for its impeccable craftsmanship in jewellery, is thrilled to unveil its opulent flagship showroom in Melaka’s Dataran Pahlawan Megamall.

MALACCA, MALAYSIA - September 9th, 2023 — Mustafa Jewellery, renowned worldwide for its impeccable craftsmanship in jewellery, is thrilled to unveil its opulent flagship showroom in Melaka’s Dataran Pahlawan Megamall. 

Mustafa Jewellery Malacca Flagship Showroom

Mustafa Jewellery's expansive showroom stands as the largest in all of Malaysia. In support of this, the renowned publication 'The Star' highlighted the potential of the outlet to bolster the 'Visit Melaka 2024' campaign. 

This landmark occasion signifies Mustafa Jewellery’s latest international venture, transcending borders with flourishing outlets in Tamil Nadu, India; Dhaka, Bangladesh; and Singapore’s Little India.

The inauguration of the jewellery’s prominent showroom on September 9th marks a significant turning point for Mustafa Jewellery and a resplendent chapter in Melaka’s journey to becoming a captivating, must-visit destination for jewellery lovers in Malaysia and internationally.

Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Ab Rauf Yusoh, a distinguished guest at the grand opening, applauded Mustafa Jewellery’s astute choice of location, emphasising the profound impact it would have on Melaka’s economy and its pivotal role in realising the state’s ambitious objectives. 

“Mustafa Jewellery will support the Melaka state government’s goal to increase revenue and make Melaka a top tourist destination in the world, aligned with The Melaka Maju Jaya 2035 Strategic Plan,” he declared.

With a substantial investment of RM250 million, the scale and ambition of this project underscore Mustafa Jewellery’s commitment to enriching the Melakan experience. 

One standout feature of Mustafa Jewellery’s new flagship showroom is the opportunity for visitors to participate in our exclusive Monthly and annual Giveaway. 

All eligible entries will automatically be entered into the Grand Annual Giveaway, allowing participants to win exquisite jewellery and valuable prizes. 

To participate in the Monthly Giveaway, interested visitors can inquire with our friendly staff or refer to the Terms and Conditions. 

This exciting opportunity adds an extra layer of delight to the Mustafa Jewellery shopping experience, making it a destination for jewels and a chance to bring home something truly extraordinary.

Mustafa Jewellery’s decision to grace Melaka with its flagship showroom is a profound testament to the region’s enchanting history, vibrant culture, and tremendous potential.

Mustafa Jewellery Malacca Flagship Showroom

As patrons and jewellery enthusiasts eagerly await this showroom’s unparalleled shopping experience, Melaka stands to gain a distinctive allure that beckons visitors from far and wide.

About Mustafa Jewellery:

Mustafa Jewellery has earned international acclaim for its peerless designs and unwavering commitment to quality. With a global presence spanning multiple countries, the brand continues its mission to adorn individuals with the most splendid jewels.

For an exclusive look at the showroom launch and its profound impact on Melaka’s allure, please visit Mustafa Jewellery Malaysia’s Facebook page and watch the live stream recording: Mustafa Jewellery Malaysia on Facebook.

For media inquiries, please contact: 

Ms Selvi Narayanan selvi_narayanan50@yahoo.com +60 16-511 0664

About Mustafa Jewellery
Established in 1986, Mustafa Jewellery has journeyed from a modest corner within Mustafa Centre to become an iconic landmark in Little India. Today, our extensive, resplendent showroom stands as a testament to our growth and passion. As we stand on the brink of expansion, Mustafa Jewellery remains a treasured emblem for Singapore’s local Indian community. We’re not just a jewellery store – we’re a reflection of rich cultural heritage and Indian traditions that our customers take immense pride in. Every piece of jewellery in our collection is a testament to our meticulous approach, from selecting the finest materials to executing intricate designs with precision. Our devotion to detail, combined with an innate respect for our craft, ensures an unparalleled experience for our patrons. We have curated a breathtaking collection that includes gold, diamonds, and gemstones. Our pieces range from classic designs radiating timeless elegance to contemporary styles that showcase our creative prowess. At Mustafa Jewellery, we believe there is a perfect piece for every individual’s taste and style.
Ms Selvi Narayanan +60 16-511 0664 selvi_narayanan50@yahoo.com

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Mustafa Jewellery
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