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/ Grand Opening The Inbound-oriented Sumo Entertainment Show Hall THE SUMO HALL HIRAKUZA OSAKA Grand Opening on May 30th at NAMBA Parks 8th Floor

Grand Opening The Inbound-oriented Sumo Entertainment Show Hall THE SUMO HALL HIRAKUZA OSAKA Grand Opening on May 30th at NAMBA Parks 8th Floor

HANSHIN CONTENTS LINK CORPORATION is pleased to announce the grand opening of “THE SUMO HALL HIRAKUZA OSAKA” on the 8th floor of NAMBA Parks, a commercial facility in Osaka Minami, today, May 30, 2024.

“THE SUMO HALL HIRAKUZA OSAKA” is an experiential sumo entertainment show hall where visitors can enjoy and experience the Japanese national sport of sumo. Targeting inbound tourists, we have opened this hall on the bustling 8th floor of NAMBA Parks in Osaka's Namba district, allowing visitors to feel closer to Japanese culture.

Combining “sumo,” “food,” and “entertainment,” this new hall promises to provide all visitors with unforgettable experiences and cherished memories.

Background of the Grand Opening of “THE SUMO HALL HIRAKUZA OSAKA”

In 2023, the number of inbound tourists to Japan has recovered to about 80% of pre-pandemic levels (2019), with a growing interest in experiential consumption, especially in Japan's unique traditional culture and cuisine. Despite the increasing number of foreign visitors seeking various attractions in Japan, the expenditure on “experiential consumption” remains lower compared to other countries, indicating room for expansion.

Following this situation, leveraging the entertainment show business expertise gained from operations such as Billboard Live and HANSHIN KOSHIEN STADIUM events, HANSHIN CONTENTS LINK CORPORATION has decided to open “THE SUMO HALL HIRAKUZA OSAKA,” a new type of sumo entertainment show hall, to showcase the charm of Japanese culture embodied in the national sport of sumo to the world.

This facility will contribute to revitalizing the local economy by providing a new experiential spot for inbound tourists to engage with Japanese culture.

Experience the Fusion of Sumo, Food, and Entertainment

“THE SUMO HALL HIRAKUZA OSAKA” is a show hall where inbound tourists can watch and experience sumo, a sport with over 1500 years of history. The sumo show, conducted in English, features spectacular and intense performances by former sumo wrestlers on the dohyo, as well as interactions with the wrestlers (limited number of participants) and group commemorative photos.

We offer original bento boxes that reflect Japanese authenticity, along with options for premium bento, halal bento, and vegan bento. Experience Japan's traditional viewing culture of enjoying entertainment such as kabuki and theater while dining on bento boxes, a tradition dating back to the Edo period.

Authentic Facilities at HIRAKUZA

1. The Entire Show Hall

Enhancing the charm of sumo through video, lighting, and sound to provide an entertaining show experience for everybody.

2. Dohyo (Sumo Ring)

Realistically reproduced in full size, featuring former sumo wrestlers as performers.

3. Seating

Seats arranged around the full-size dohyo stage in a theater-style layout, ensuring excellent visibility from every seat.

4. Gift Shop

Offering HIRAKUZA original products, popular sumo merchandise, and Japanese souvenirs for inbound tourists.

Breathtaking and Captivating Performance


Into the Japanese mythical world over 1500 years ago

Part2. THE SUMO ENTERTAINMENT -To know, to See, to Experience Sumo-

Performers are Former Professional Sumo Wrestlers

Talented MCs

Enjoying a Show While Eating Bento is part of Japanese Culture

Access Convenience for New Exciting Experiences

Located in the commercial facility “NAMBA Parks,” THE SUMO HALL HIRAKUZA OSAKA is easily accessible, just a 3-minute walk from the NANKAI Railway at Namba Station, a 10-minute walk from the Osaka Metro at Namba Station, and a 15-minute walk from the Hanshin/Kintetsu Railway at Osaka Namba Station. Additionally, it is conveniently situated for travel plans to Kansai, with approximately 1 hour 15 minutes by train from Kyoto and approximately 1 hour from Nara and Kobe.

Also within walking distance are Osaka's famous downtown area, Dotonbori, the iconic observation tower, and Shinsekai, making it easy for tourists to drop by during sightseeing.

Sharing Japanese Sumo Culture with the World

The name “HIRAKUZA” of THE SUMO HALL HIRAKUZA OSAKA encapsulates our desire to delve deep into and rediscover the charm of Japan and share a new way of enjoying Japanese culture with people worldwide. Since the general reservation sales began in March of this year, we have received reservations from approximately 30 countries, primarily targeting Europe, America, and Australia, marking the first step in disseminating sumo culture to the world.

To welcome more visitors and further promote the charm of Japanese culture embodied in sumo worldwide, we will intensify our promotions targeting overseas customers.

Overview of THE SUMO HALL HIRAKUZA OSAKA Operating Hours 11:00-23:00 (Souvenir shop only open from 11:00-17:00) Closed every Tuesday. The year-end and New Year holidays (12/31-1/1)*Open on Tuesdays during busy periods. Performance Schedule Two Shows Daily: ①Start: 18:00(Open: 17:00) ②Start: 21:00 (Open: 20:00) * For 1 performance day, 18:00 (6pm) doors open, 19:00 (7pm) show starts. *Performances run approximately for 60 minutes. Facility Name :THE SUMO HALL HIRAKUZA OSAKA Location :8th Floor of NAMBA Parks (2-10-70 Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka City) Opening Date :May 30, 2024 (Thur.) Ticket Information: S seat: ¥16,000 A seat: ¥12,500 (Child: ¥9,000) B seat: ¥9,500 (Child: ¥7,000) *Tax included . *All seats include “HIRAKUZA Bento”, “HIRAKUZA Child Bento”, or “HIRAKUZA Snack Bag” and one drink. *Children are from ages 3 to 12 years. (Children who are 12 years old and under get a “HIRAKUZA Child Bento”) * Food additional fees: Premium Bento (+¥4,000), Halal Bento (+¥2,000), and Vegan Bento (+¥2,000)*Tax included. *Bento orders are accepted until 10:00 AM three days prior. After that, only “HIRAKUZA Snack Bag” is available. *“HIRAKUZA Snack Bag” orders are accepted until 3:00 PM on the day of the performance. URL : https://www.hirakuza.net/sumohall/ ・The official site's ticket purchase page: https://hirakuza.net/sumohall/tickets/ ・Supported languages: English and Japanese ・Supported credit cards include MUFG, DC, UFJ, NICOS, VISA, MasterCard, and JCB.
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