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/ Shattering Silence: Defending Teen Dreams Against Self Harm and Suicide

Shattering Silence: Defending Teen Dreams Against Self Harm and Suicide

Amidst the celebration of academic excellence, the hidden struggles of youth remain obscured. Most mental disorders develop during childhood and adolescence, impacting lives significantly before age 25, demanding a comprehensive response. LearnX's webinar, "Empowering Inclusive Learning: Preventing Teenage Self-Harm and Building Resilience," scheduled for September 6th 2023, 5.30pm MYT, gathers experts like Dr. Daniel Fung to discuss teenage mental health complexities. This endeavor acknowledges the challenges teens face amid academic expectations and societal pressures, highlighting the need for collaboration among educators, parents, and policymakers. Register now at https://learn-onthego.com/sept-webinar-asia to join this transformative conversation shaping a brighter future for our youth.

Unseen Struggles Amidst Celebrated Excellence

In an age where academic excellence is often celebrated, the silent struggles of our youth remain obscured. Beneath the veneer of achievements, many teenagers grapple with the pressures of an increasingly complex world. A staggering reality reveals itself, most mental disorders develop during childhood and adolescence, impacting lives significantly before age 25, according to the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions (IAPCAPAP). A quarter of young people's years are affected by mental and substance use disorders.

Empowering Inclusive Learning

"Empowering Inclusive Learning: Preventing Teenage Self-Harm and Building Resilience" - a webinar by LearnX is set to illuminate this pressing issue. Scheduled for 6th September 2023 at 5.30 pm MYT, the event assembles a distinguished panel of experts to discuss and dissect the complexities of teenage mental health.

Leading the Discussion: Dr. Daniel Fung, CEO of IMH Singapore and Notable Experts

At the forefront of this panel is Dr. Daniel Fung, the CEO of Institute of Mental Health Singapore, renowned for his work in mental health advocacy. Alongside him are the Managing Director of LearnX, Chandrakant Singh, Principals of DPS Faridabad and DPS Bangalore North, Sangeeta, an experienced educator, and Anurag Tripathi, the Secretary of CBSE. Collectively, they encompass a spectrum of insights, a necessary blend of medical, educational, and administrative perspectives.

Teenagers today navigate a landscape laden with academic expectations, societal pressures, and a digital realm that exacerbates the challenges of self-identity. Behind their façades, they bear emotional burdens that often go unnoticed. This webinar seeks to amplify their voices, to engage in a candid conversation about the struggles they face, and to collectively explore ways to empower them.

Creating an Environment of Well-being for Youth

While statistics highlight the gravity of the issue, it's crucial to remember that each figure represents a life, a story, and a potential. Empowering our youth to build resilience is not a solitary task, it's a collaborative mission that involves educators, parents, policymakers, and society at large. By acknowledging the challenges, we pave the way for open discussions and meaningful interventions.

"Empowering Inclusive Learning: Preventing Teenage Suicide and Building Resilience" is more than just a webinar; it's a call to action. It's an initiative that encourages dialogue, fosters understanding, and initiates change. As we collectively strive to create an environment that nurtures the emotional wellbeing of our youth, this webinar serves as a vital stepping stone.

To be a part of this transformative conversation and to contribute to the ongoing efforts to improve the mental health landscape for our teenagers, register for the webinar for free by visiting https://learn-onthego.com/sept-webinar-asia. It's an opportunity to learn, share, and unite for a cause that holds the potential to shape young lives positively.

For more information, contact:

William Chua

Communications Manager, LearnX


About LearnX
LearnX, established in 2020, emerged as a visionary response to the evolving educational landscape. LearnX began its journey to transform education by focusing on holistic growth and mental well-being of adolescents. Collaborating with esteemed institutions like AIM, NITI Aayog, and Institute of Mental Health Singapore, LearnX embarked on a mission to empower educators, bridging the gap between academic excellence and mental wellness. Fueled by a passion for transformative education, LearnX has quickly become a beacon for educators aspiring to shape the champions of tomorrow.
William Chua +60193702408 william@thelearnx.academy

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