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/ ToursOnTheWeb, the easy way to find that great tour while booking at the tour operator

ToursOnTheWeb, the easy way to find that great tour while booking at the tour operator

ToursOnTheWeb Pte Ltd
ToursOnTheWeb.com is the most comprehensive global travel search and comparison platform for organised multi-day tours and cruises, not only in English.

Organised group tours and adventures continue to be a success and this mainly because it is so easy and convenient to travel from A to B to C, to discover, do and see things, to meet other people and make friends. Finding that great tour, trip, adventure or package online could still be quite a hassle. There are just too many operators, too many websites and too many options and not everything is relevant to each and every traveler.

An Australian is not looking for a tour to the USA that starts in Paris or Berlin, nor is an Indian interested in a tour through Italy, Argentina or China that starts in London, Kuala Lumpur or Sydney. A proper search should include not only destination, but also departure country, language, age group and budget.

For people who speak English as a 1st or 2nd language, it should be possible to choose an international group, or local tour group with fellow country men and women, or a private tour group of friends and family. The choice of tour group and tour language will have an obvious effect on the kind of experience and (new) friends one makes along the way, especially for singles.

Group tours with local companies that include a flight may sometimes be cheaper, but international tour operators offer a lot more choice of travel style, comfort, worldwide destinations, itineraries and departure dates.

ToursOnTheWeb.com, the largest comparison platform for tours, already features 15,000 group tours, private tours, self-drive tours, walking & bicycling tours, safaris, overlanding, (river) cruises and luxury expeditions to 180+ countries and territories on all continents. Tours can begin at home (with flight) or at the destination.

Tours, cruises and expeditions exist for all age groups in budget, comfort and luxury segments with prices per person between US$500 and US$50,000 and duration from 5 days up to 300 days (10 months) with departure dates in 2023, 2024 and beyond. Tours and platform are currently available in English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Chinese and Indonesian languages.

Most listed operators are bonded with financial protection for their travellers. Many are socially responsible global citizens who are taking big steps towards sustainable travel. They are among the best and most reliable.

ToursOnTheWeb does not accept any bookings, but creates highly qualified and interested referrals. Travelers can use comprehensive filters and run side-by-side comparisons to find their next tour. Upon selection the platform will redirect the user to the specific tour page at the operator’s website for even more and up-to-date information, current availability, online booking and knowledgeable support.

ONLY the Terms and Conditions of the operator apply after booking. Especially for multi-day tours, where changes are common but more complicated, this is an obvious advantage compared to dealing with intermediaries like travel agents. 

A few global Online Travel Agents exist for organised tours and cruises, but they are not really ideal for all types of multi-day tours. It is common that a traveler will prefer to book directly at the tour operator, avoiding complex Terms and Conditions of a far-away foreign booking website.

ToursOnTheWeb, based in Singapore, combines convenience with choice and confidence on one easy to use platform and can include ALL types of tours without restrictions. It is a one-of-a-kind alternative to large online travel agents as well as travel fairs.

About ToursOnTheWeb Pte Ltd
ToursOnTheWeb Pte Ltd is an independent software company based in Singapore. We are specialised in travel and tourism.
Paul van Schaik pvanschaik@toursontheweb.com

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ToursOnTheWeb Pte Ltd
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