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/ NowServing by SeriousMD - a Comprehensive Healthcare Super App

NowServing by SeriousMD - a Comprehensive Healthcare Super App

SeriousMD, the leading healthcare technology platform in the Philippines, continues to revolutionize the industry with NowServing, a comprehensive healthcare super app. Offering unparalleled access to healthcare services, NowServing aims to redefine the patient experience and streamline healthcare delivery across the nation.


SeriousMD continues to revolutionize the healthcare scene with a comprehensive healthcare super app called NowServing. NowServing provides unparalleled access to healthcare services while revolutionizing the patient experience and streamlining healthcare delivery across the nation.

NowServing is an innovative solution designed to make healthcare more accessible, efficient, and patient-friendly. Users can effortlessly locate the best doctors in their area, schedule appointments, and receive treatment. With an array of services including online consultations, on-demand teleconsultations, in-person clinic visits, medication delivery, and home-care diagnostic tests, NowServing is revolutionizing healthcare delivery in the Philippines.

Key features of NowServing that set it apart from other healthcare services include:

• Seamless scheduling of online and in-person medical consultations

• Convenient home care or walk-in medical tests at Hi-Precision locations with results delivered directly to the app

• Easy access to medical documents such as your prescriptions and certificates

• Hassle-free medication delivery to your doorstep and much more!

As the leading healthcare technology platform in the Philippines, SeriousMD is committed to connecting thousands of doctors nationwide to millions of Filipinos. Through NowServing, SeriousMD aims to elevate the healthcare system to an unprecedented level, ensuring efficient, accessible, and quality healthcare for all Filipinos.

For more information about NowServing, please visit SeriousMD's website.

About SeriousMD
SeriousMD is a health-technology company established in 2015 with the core idea of saving lives by improving healthcare in the Philippines. Today, SeriousMD helps millions of patients connect with their doctors each month.
Dennis Seymour press@seriousmd.com

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