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/ Prezenter Aims to Empower Education: College Teacher Launches Smart TV App to Access Visual Presentations in under 10 seconds For Teachers

Prezenter Aims to Empower Education: College Teacher Launches Smart TV App to Access Visual Presentations in under 10 seconds For Teachers

Prezenter simplifies presentations through Smart TVs, allowing teachers to access presentations in under 10 seconds without bringing their laptops daily. With already growing user base in Asia, Europe, and America, Presenter hopes to elevate the presentation tool in education, especially in the Philippines.

[Cebu City, January 25, 2024] – In a groundbreaking development for the field of education, Engr. Kennette Canales, founder of Prezenter and a dedicated  college educator from University of San Carlos - Cebu, has successfully created a Smart TV app designed to revolutionize the way teachers deliver visual presentations in the classroom.

Most of the classrooms are now equipped with Smart TVs instead of utilizing the traditional Projector as it's cheaper and the displays are way better. However, many teachers are using them as if they were regular TVs, which is very inconvenient and wastes a lot of time when setting up discussions for our students.

Recognizing the need for a more seamless and interactive teaching experience, Kennette embarked on a journey to develop a user-friendly application that would enhance the learning environment for both educators and students. The result is a game-changing Smart TV app that simplifies the process of delivering visual presentations.

Key benefits of the Prezenter include,

Teachers don't need to bring laptops everyday

Less technical difficulties during classes and special presentations

No more HDMI, VGA and any other adapters

Access Presentations in Under 10 Seconds

Kennette expressed enthusiasm about the potential impact of Prezenter on education, stating, "I believe that schools should consider the well being of the teachers. This app aims not only to elevate or ease the presentation as well as allowing them to go to school without bringing their heavy bags with laptops in it."

The release of Prezenter aligns with the broader mission of Kennette to contribute to the advancement of education in the Philippines and beyond. 

Watch the demo here:

For more information, you may register to https://prezenter.ph

About Prezenter
Website: https://prezenter.ph Address: The Company Cebu, 8th Floor, Mabuhay Tower Cebu IT Park, Jose Maria Del Mar St., Lahug, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines 6000
Engr. Kennette Canales +639052108258 kenn@prezenter.ph

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