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/ "Sonoda Stand Nakano", a Popular Eatery Loved by All Ages, Celebrates its Grand Opening on November 21st! — Nakano Welcomes a Modern Take on the Beloved Traditional Diner! —

"Sonoda Stand Nakano", a Popular Eatery Loved by All Ages, Celebrates its Grand Opening on November 21st! — Nakano Welcomes a Modern Take on the Beloved Traditional Diner! —

Ring Corporation (Headquartered in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture), known for managing restaurants and producing store concepts, is excited to announce the grand opening of "Sonoda Stand Nakano" on November 21, 2023. This launch in Nakano, a popular destination for pop culture enthusiasts, marks the introduction of a modern twist to the traditional Showa-era diners, infusing elements of pop culture.

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/sonoda_tokyo/

For inquiry or booking request : WA +62 821-1299-3477


The new "Nakano Store" features 24 counter seats surrounding the kitchen, offering a space where everyone, regardless of age or gender, can comfortably dine. The interior, reminiscent of a traditional diner, has been revamped with modern pop culture elements, making it the second "Sonoda" outlet in the Kanto region. Located in Nakano, a hub for pop culture, the "Sonoda" taste is a must-try.


The restaurant's U-shaped counter, surrounding the cooking area, evokes the Showa-era diner ambiance. It's a welcoming space for solo diners or groups. The handwritten strip menu brings a nostalgic touch, inviting guests to relish their favorite dishes and drinks in a cozy atmosphere. Signature dishes like Niku-Dofu (meat tofu) and Menchi-Katsu (breaded meat cutlet) remain popular choices.


Signature Sour Drink "Vice" - 440 JPY (tax incl.)

"Niku-Dofu" - 660 JPY (tax incl.)

"Chashu Egg" - 550 JPY (tax incl.)

Store Information:

Name: Sonoda Stand NakanoAddress: [Store Address in Nakano, Tokyo]Phone Number: [Phone Number]Business Hours: 11:00 – 23:00 (Last Order 22:00)Closed: Irregular Holidays (Confirmed closed from December 31 to January 5)

Why Nakano City:

Nakano is a mecca for Japanese pop culture, centered around Nakano Broadway. It's a popular area brimming with anime, manga, figurines, and other pop culture items. "Sonoda" blends this culture into its modern diner concept, aligning perfectly with Nakano's atmosphere. The choice to open in Nakano, much like our first Kanto outlet in Gotanda, reflects our respect for the area's culture and history.

The Philosophy of 'Sonoda Stand':

The idea for "Sonoda Stand" emerged from a DJ event where ramen was served. This led to the establishment of a ramen shop, which later evolved into the concept of "Sonoda Stand," focusing on what modern "public" or "masses" desire in a dining experience. This concept became popular on social media, leading to queues outside the store. "Sonoda" aims to continue offering a nostalgic yet modern dining experience that resonates with today's generation.

About Ring-Holdings
About 'Sonoda Stand': "Sonoda Stand" reinterprets the traditional diners of the Showa era for today's diverse Japanese palate. With a core concept of "meat and lemon sour," it offers a variety of hearty dishes at affordable prices. The menu includes homemade specialties, set meals, and various other options. About Ring Corporation: Name: Ring CorporationLocation: [Headquarters Address in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture]Founded: April 1992Business: Restaurant management, store production
Ring International Media Relations marketing@vritimes.com

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