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/ Naik Freelance Academy Proudly Introduces "Naik AI Freelance Elevate (N.A.I.F.E)"

Naik Freelance Academy Proudly Introduces "Naik AI Freelance Elevate (N.A.I.F.E)"

Naik Kreatif
Naik Freelance Academy, in a landmark collaboration with Dee Ferdinand A.I Digital Strategy Consulting, introduces "Naik AI Freelance Elevate (N.A.I.F.E)" — a state-of-the-art AI Digital Class. Tailored to modern freelancers, N.A.I.F.E offers a blend of personalized AI-driven learning, practical real-world applications, and guidance from industry leaders. Founded in Jakarta in 2015, the Academy is at the vanguard of digital freelance education.

A Revolutionary Leap in Digital Learning for Aspiring Freelancers

Jakarta, September 28 – In an ambitious move to transform the future of digital education and freelancing, Naik Freelance Academy today announced the launch of its advanced AI Digital Class, "Naik AI Freelance Elevate" or N.A.I.F.E. Developed in collaboration with Dee Ferdinand A.I Digital Strategy Consulting, this program promises a robust and comprehensive learning experience.

This pioneering initiative aims to arm freelancers with cutting-edge AI knowledge and tools, bridging the gap between traditional learning methodologies and the demands of the modern digital marketplace. Recognizing the exponential growth and opportunities in the AI sector, N.A.I.F.E comes as a timely response to train and uplift the freelance community.

Founder of Naik Freelance Academy, Yunus Halim, stated, "With the relentless advancement of technology, it's imperative for freelancers to stay abreast with the latest trends and tools. N.A.I.F.E is not just a course; it's a commitment to ensuring that our community is at the forefront of this digital revolution."

Key features of the N.A.I.F.E program include:

Personalized Learning: With AI at its core, students will experience a tailored learning path adjusted in real-time to their progress and strengths.

Practical Application: Beyond theoretical knowledge, N.A.I.F.E emphasizes hands-on projects, real-world simulations, and live assessments, ensuring students are ready for actual freelance projects.

Expert Mentors: Each module, curated in partnership with Dee Ferdinand A.I Digital Strategy Consulting, is led by industry veterans, ensuring that students benefit from the insights of those pioneering AI advancements.

The introduction of N.A.I.F.E has captured the attention of industry frontrunners, with many praising the Academy's visionary approach and the inclusion of Dee Ferdinand's expertise.

Enrollment for the inaugural batch of N.A.I.F.E will commence on October 2023, with limited seats available. Aspiring freelancers and tech aficionados are urged to act swiftly to reserve their position.

For more details visit the link here to learn more about N.A.I.F.E at https://naikreatif.com/naik-freelance-academy/ or to schedule an interview with NFA Consultant, please contact Yunus Halim at hello@naikreatif.com or +6281519994420  

About Naik Freelance Academy: 
Naik Freelance Academy,
an initiative of Naikreatif Digital Branding Agency based in Jakarta, Indonesia, has been a formidable presence since 2015. Representing a significant expansion of its mission, the Academy is dedicated to not only imparting education but also shaping the future of freelancing. With a successful history of serving over 200 clients from Indonesia and other parts of the world, the Academy is unwavering in its commitment to setting the gold standard in freelance education, masterfully blending concise insights with comprehensive methodologies. As the first venture of its kind, the Naik Freelance Academy is currently embarking on its inaugural journey.

About Dee Ferdinand A.I Digital Strategy Consulting: 
Dee Ferdinand is a distinguished authority in Digital Strategy Consulting in Indonesia. With an impressive tenure of over 17 years in the sector, Dee's expertise includes digital marketing, visual communication, and responsive marketing strategies. Serving globally, he has assisted a wide range of businesses, from emerging startups to established industry leaders, in optimizing their digital growth strategies. In addition to his primary role, Dee is recognized as an insightful speaker, a strategic business mentor, and a passionate advocate for AI-driven digital advancements.

About Naik Kreatif
Naikreatif is a prominent Digital Branding Agency located in Jakarta, Indonesia, specializing in helping B2B businesses thrive in the digital landscape. They address the challenges faced by businesses in the fast-paced digital world, such as overwhelm, resource uncertainty, and time constraints. With a focus on personalized experiences and multichannel engagement, Naikreatif emphasizes the need for adaptation to avoid obsolescence. They offer strategic clarity, a holistic approach encompassing website optimization and social media marketing, branding excellence, and a proven track record of excellence. Naikreatif's services include company profile website optimization, engaging social media marketing, and compelling digital branding. They have a strong track record of partnerships with both local and global brands. For those seeking to embrace the digital revolution, Naikreatif is positioned as the catalyst for digital transformation.
Name: Yunus Halim Phone: +6281519994420 E-mail: hello@naikreatif.com

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