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/ Esti Lestari Appointed Chairman of United City FC

Esti Lestari Appointed Chairman of United City FC

United City Football Club
United City FC (UCFC) is thrilled to announce the appointment of Esti Puji Lestari as the Chairman of the club, effective immediately. Esti's confirmation of her investment into the revived UCFC marks a significant milestone for the club as it embarks on an exciting new chapter in its history. Born in Sukabumi, Indonesia, Esti Puji Lestari brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new role at United City FC (UCFC). With a distinguished career in the sports industry, Esti has held key leadership positions, including majority ownership, as president at Persijap Jepara and CEO of QD Red Lions China, where she played instrumental roles in driving organizational growth and success. “Reviving United City FC is my mission. It is an honor and privilege to be a part of a club with such a great tradition and long history, and my aim is to match the outstanding achievements of the past with similar ones in the future. I feel I have unfinished business in football, and as an esports owner, I intend to add value to the club off the field as well as on it. I am grateful for this opportunity and know that the Philippines football landscape is very supportive of not only the men’s game but also the women’s with their participation in the recent World Cup. In the spirit of ASEAN cooperation, I would also like this to be a pathway for both men and women from Indonesia as well as Philippines to gain valuable experience and benefit from the synergy between two nations.” states Esti Lestari. In Indonesia, as the only female owner of a Football Club that has a 63-year history, Esti led strategic initiatives to enhance the club's brand visibility, optimize revenue streams, and foster community engagement, solidifying its position as a sustainable football club in Indonesia that continues to exist. Additionally, she has been a prominent advocate for women's football, championing initiatives to support and develop women's football at all levels. In China, as Red Lions’ CEO, Esti brought her dynamic leadership and strategic acumen to oversee the club's administration and development. Her visionary approach and dedication contributed to the growth and success of QD Red Lions during her tenure. "We are privileged and proud to have such an esteemed investor and seasoned football expert join our Club to catapult the development of UCFC forward. Esti has been a long-time personal friend, and I am pleased to work alongside her as I know what she will bring to the Club. Our project and mission of UCFC have never changed, even when we took a break from football in 2023, but now we are back, and with Esti’s support, we will continue the legacy of the club and raise the bar once again for the gold standard of Philippines football." - Eric Gottschalk, President of United City FC. As UCFC enters this new era under Esti's leadership, the club reaffirms its commitment to excellence both on and off the field. UCFC's goals include: 1. Achieving Sporting Success: United City FC aims to compete at the highest level of Philippine football, striving for championships and representing the country internationally. 2. Community Engagement: United City FC is dedicated to fostering strong connections with its fans and the local community, organizing outreach programs and initiatives to promote the growth of football at the grassroots level. 3. Youth Development: United City FC recognizes the importance of nurturing young talent and providing opportunities for aspiring footballers to develop their skills within a professional environment. 4. Commercial Growth: United City FC seeks to maximize commercial opportunities, leveraging Esti's expertise to enhance revenue streams, attract sponsors, and expand the club's global brand presence. 5. Women's Team Establishment: United City FC is committed to promoting women's football by establishing a dedicated team, providing opportunities for female athletes to compete at the highest level, and inspiring the next generation of women footballers. Esti Puji Lestari's appointment signals an exciting new era for UCFC, as the club looks forward to leveraging her expertise and vision to achieve new heights of success both on and off the field.
About United City Football Club
About UCFC: United City Football Club (UCFC) is an SEC-registered Filipino professional football club that aims to promote and build values such as equality, diversity, and leadership through sports. UCFC is a member of the Philippines Football League (PFL), the Philippines' professional level of men's club football in the country, and the official representative of the Central Luzon Football Association. UCFC, formerly known as Ceres-Negros before it changed its name in 2020, is currently the 4x defending national champion in the PFL and 2x winner of the Copa Paulino Alcantara. UCFC is also tahe 2x Philippines representative on the AFC Champions League group stage level (2021,2022), the most significant Asian football tournament. As a mission, the Club stands to help re-invigorate young athletes, families, and the local community through discipline, hard work, and passion. The ambition is to set further the gold standard for best practices in SE Asia - whether on the football field or within the community - and to provide a pathway and equal opportunities for the next generation of young talent in their pursuit of sporting & educational excellence. UCFC is the most followed professional football club in the Philippines and the only club active on all major social media platforms. Its winning tradition and the ability to bring the best Filipino players to play for UCFC has gained the Club the reputation of being the foremost football club from the Philippines with a substantial reach into Southeast Asia and beyond.
Liz Sarte +63 905 513 1130 liz@unitedcityfootballclub.com


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