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/ How to Write a Press Release for an Event

How to Write a Press Release for an Event

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Press releases remain a powerful public relations tool that can be used to announce any brand event. By publishing an event press release, you can generate more buzz and exposure through media coverage.  

It can also be used to invite journalists to attend and cover your event. This is why you need to understand how to write an event press release correctly.    

What is an Event Press Release? 

An event press release is a newsworthy and informative announcement about an event. To be informative, this press release needs to include the details of the event, such as 

The name of the event, 

The location, 

The venue,

The date, 

The exact time

The theme,

The dress code (if any),  

The keynote speakers or notable guests.   

To attract media interest and coverage for the event, the first paragraph of an event press release must answer the 5Ws questions below: 

Who is hosting the event?

What is the event?  

Where is the event? (exact location and accessibility)

When is the event? (exact date and time)

Why is the event important and newsworthy? 

If that is not possible, try to answer those questions in 2 paragraphs.

5 Types of Events 

There are several types of events that are great to announce through press releases, such as 

1. New Product Launch Event 

When a brand launches a new product, a press release is a great way to generate potential customers. This launch can be done with or without an event. 

However, a product launch event will be more intriguing than just an online product launch. For example: a sports brand collaborates with a famous biker to launch a new unique bike. This brand can hold an event with this biker and write a press release about it. 

2. Fundraising Event 

This event aims to raise funds for a specific and important cause. When writing this release, be sure to include details of the cause. 

This will give the audience a deeper understanding of why they need to donate. This may encourage them to donate.     

3. CSR Event 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an essential element in gaining public trust. For example, an education startup teaches village children how to read and count. This startup can use press releases to recruit volunteers and also promote itself as a caring brand.        

4. One-off Event 

To create brand awareness and increase customer loyalty, a brand can hold a one-time event such as: eating contest, meet and greet, make-up contest, temporary exhibition, etc.             

5. Annual Event 

Some mature brands may have held annual events for years to strengthen their communities. Every time you hold this annual event, you are making a difference. 

Therefore, through the press release, you can convey the reason why people should come to this year's event because it is different from the previous one. 

How to Write a Press Release for an Event? 

A good press release can make or break an event. Here are some steps to writing an event press release and making it more compelling: 

1. Use the Right Format 

The standard press release format is:  

Desired date of publication, 

Contact details, 



Lead paragraph(s),

The Body,



However, if you are writing an event press release, you will need to include specific information in each part, as shown below: 

The desired release date: write "for immediate release" or "hold release until" followed by the specific date.  

Contact details: include the name, email address and, if possible, telephone number of the person responsible for each event. 

Headline: Include the brand and event name in a few words. 

Cover: Include high quality and relevant cover images.

The first paragraph: answer all the 5Ws with essential information about the event. 

Second and third paragraphs: create a relevant angle and give more details about the event.  

The fourth paragraph: Include a relevant and engaging quote or request. 

The fifth (and final) paragraph: include any additional information about the event, such as dress code, ticket price, etc.  

Visuals: add high quality and relevant visuals to the paragraph(s).     

Boilerplate: a brand overview. The audience will get to know your brand much better than before.    

This specific information can be improved based on the length and main message of the press release. 

2. Add Visuals 

Next, add relevant, high quality and attractive visual element(s) such as: photo, video, illustration, graphic, infographic, etc. This will attract a wider audience. It is better to embed your brand's image or logo rather than other stock images available on the internet.  

3. Use the Right POV 

Newsworthy content such as a press release should be written using the third person point of view (POV), such as: one, people, audience, etc. 

4. Keep It Short 

There is no maximum length for a press release. But keep it short and to the point. An event press release usually contains 200-500 words.  

5. Consider the Timing   

An event press release should be sent out at least 3 weeks in advance. The best days to send releases are Tuesdays and Wednesdays during normal business hours.

Example of an Event Press Release 

Now that you understand the types of event press releases and how to write them, here is an example for your reference: 

Hold the release until: 12 June 2023  



Marketing Director




HAngry holds pizza eating contest with total prize of IDR 20,000,000  

Jakarta - HAngry, a famous all-you-can-eat pizza restaurant in South Jakarta, will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a pizza eating contest on Sunday 25 June 2023 at 10:00 am. 

To celebrate the anniversary, HAngry will hold a 1-metre pizza eating contest. The contest will be held at the backyard of HAngry Restaurant, Jl. Apel Belimbing No. 15, South Jakarta 12920. 

Susan Wijaya, as the owner of this restaurant, admitted that she is very grateful that HAngry can continue to serve delicacies to the community until this 10th year. According to her, this celebration is HAngry's way of saying thank you to its loyal customers.

A total prize of IDR 20,000,000 will be distributed to 3 winners who will finish the 1 metre pizza the fastest with the details as below:

1st place: IDR 10,000,000

2nd place: IDR7,000,000

3rd place: IDR3,000,000 

Registration for the Pizza Eating Contest will open on Tuesday, 13 June 2023 via www.HAngry.com/pizzagratis/ with a limited quota. 

In addition to the pizza eating contest, HAngry will also distribute free personal-sized pizzas to 100 children at Kasih Ibu Orphanage.  

Susan said that this was a way for HAngry to show its concern for the children, who certainly deserve to feel the happiness of HAngry's delicious and healthy pizza. 

"We hope that through this celebration, HAngry will be able to share its blessings with many people, including the orphans," said Susan Wijaya.    

The public is invited to join this happy event. Feel free to watch the eating competition and/or donate to the orphanage. For more information, follow them on Instagram @hangryasalways. 

[Boilerplate] Established in 2013, HAngry (Hungry and Angry) serves delicious all-you-can-eat pizzas in a variety of flavours: Italian, Japanese and Indonesian.

Writing an event press release the right way will get you massive media coverage and more attendees. So take the time to write an attractive press release for your event.

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