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/ 5 Tips for Sharing Press Releases on Social Media

5 Tips for Sharing Press Releases on Social Media

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Social media plays a huge role in many people's lives today. It has drastically changed the way people communicate with each other. No wonder it has also had a big impact on public relations, especially press releases.  

Sharing press releases through social media is becoming a trend. This is because social media has become a great place to connect with potential customers. 

5 Tips for Sharing Press Releases on Social Media  

There are some social media that can be a perfect channel to share your press release, such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. Here are some tips for sharing your press releases on social media: 

1. Be Active on Social Media 

Don't just use social media to share press releases. Instead, be active on social media to build relationships with potential and loyal customers. Post interesting and engaging content every day to gain followers. Make sure you respond to their comments and messages. 

To get more attention, you can also occasionally go live on social media to announce events, promotions and press releases. This way, when you announce your press releases on social media, you already have the audience that will potentially read them.  

2. Post a Creative Teaser  

A short and creative teaser and call-to-action (CTA) is a must in any social media content, including where you share your releases. 

Tease your followers with their needs and direct them to read your releases. Say you are launching a comfortable seat for employees. You can say, "Tired of having back pain at work? Check this out!" 

Embed the relevant picture and exact link to your press release so they can easily click and read it. Make sure you create an appealing headline for the press release as this will be reflected in the link. 

Do not copy and paste your press release into your social media post as it is not the right place to read your long text. 

Why? Because a press release is a long text of 400-600 words. Social media posts are not suitable for long texts like press releases. Therefore, embed a creative teaser and link to your press release.           

3. Use Great Visuals   

Great visuals are an essential part of social media and press release as well. So make sure you use great visuals that represent your release. 

This could be a relevant video or photo. Make sure it is high quality and easy to share, especially the cover image as this is the first visual your readers will see both on social media and press release. 

This will attract your followers and even those who have not followed you to read your release. If your post is engaging enough, they may even share it with their friends and family.  

4. Create a Mobile-friendly Release    

Social media is designed for smartphone users. No wonder social media users typically open their accounts on their smartphones. When they click on the link to your release, they will also open it on their smartphone. 

This is why you need to create a mobile-friendly release. Make sure that everything associated with your release is mobile friendly. This includes the link, page, publication length (400-600 words), photo, video, etc. This allows you to reach a wider audience no matter what device they are using. 

Make sure your release is easy to read and navigate on both smartphones and desktops. If your release is not mobile friendly, you could lose many of the readers you have reached through social media. 

5. Use the Right Hashtag and Feature 

Next, use the right and relevant hashtags. You can find them using hashtag search tools such as TagsFinder, Hashtagify and TweetReach. 

Also, make sure you use social media features to make it more engaging. For example: "Template" on LinkedIn or "LINK" on Instagram Story to add your link with an appealing sticker text. 

By sharing your press release on social media, you can reach a wider audience. So make sure you do it right by following the tips above.

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