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/ How to Write a New Hire Press Release: A Complete Guide

How to Write a New Hire Press Release: A Complete Guide

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Congratulations on finding the perfect candidate to fill a key vacancy in your company! Now is the time to create a new hire press release. 

A new hire press release introduces the person and the position to the public. This can increase your brand awareness and also get some interested jobseekers to check out other vacancies in your company.   

What is a New Hire Press Release?  

A press release needs to be newsworthy. So not all new hires need to be announced through a press release. 

A new hire press release aims to announce a new person joining your company for C-suite level or executive hires after the person has accepted the offer and before the start date. 

Some executive positions that need to be announced CEO, CMD, CFO, CTO, CMO, COO, CIO, CCO and CHRO. These top leadership positions need to be announced as these types of changes will have a big impact on your company. 

How do I Write a New Hire Press Release? 

Now that you understand what a new hire press release is, here is how to write one: 

1. Follow the basic press release format 

Firstly, follow the basic format below: 

Company logo.

Release date: usually "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE". 

Attention-grabbing headline, such as: "AAA BBB Corp. Welcomes [Name of New Employee] as Chief Marketing Director". 

First paragraph: answer the 5Ws (who, where, when, what and why) and keep it to about 80 words.  

Second and third paragraphs: include information about previous experience, expertise, awards, etc. that will ensure this new hire will strengthen your company. You don't need to list everything, just the important things. Some points of interest  

- Previous position and company. 

- Years of experience. 

- Degree(s) and certification(s). 

- Major recognition(s).

- Notable achievement(s).   

Fourth paragraph: include an upbeat and positive quote from a C-level position, such as your company's CEO or CFO. Example: "We are thrilled to welcome (name) to our organisation, where we are sure he/she will bring incredible expertise to his/her new role as Chief Marketing Director." 

Fifth paragraph: include the new hire in a quote. Example: "I am so grateful for the opportunity to join (team name) at (company name) and look forward to helping this company expand into new markets." If possible, include a professional photograph of the new hire.  

Closing paragraph: show how the new hire will be welcomed and how this new hire will make a positive impact on the company. 

Boilerplate: provide general information about the company. 

Contact information: name, email address and office phone number of the person responsible for the release.      

2. Get the Basics Right 

Next, write the release with the right basics, such as 

Write it in a news style: use good grammar and flow, use the third point of view (POV) and avoid using the passive voice. 

Keep it short: 400-600 words is enough.

Use language that is appropriate for your target audience and media outlet(s).  

3. Create a Hook 

Then build a broader narrative by linking your release to a story about your company's growth, such as an impressive achievement or recent expansion. 

Writing a new hire press release is not that complicated. Just remember to stick to the basics and include some information about the new hire. 

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