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/ Product Launch Press Release The Importance, Elements & Examples

Product Launch Press Release The Importance, Elements & Examples

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Launching a new product is a big step. This product must have gone through many processes. From research, testing, development, quality control and assurance, to launch. It needs to be well promoted and one of the best ways to do this is by creating a product launch press release. 

A well-written press release will not magically make every site on the internet talk about you. However, it will get your story in front of the right audience if you choose the right media partner(s) based on your niche.       

Don't worry if you're not sure which media partner is the right one. You can always ask a press release distribution service to analyse, edit and send your release to the right media partner(s).        

The Importance of a Product Launch Press Release 

A product launch press release is a newsworthy document that tells the story of your product and its launch to a wider audience.  

It is the fastest way to get media coverage and wide exposure for your new product. It will create strong awareness and get into the minds of your target audience.   

Your target audience may not make an immediate purchase decision. But they will start to learn about your new product and talk about it with their friends and/or family. As a result, you will have more potential buyers.   

In short, a product launch press release is cost effective, can increase awareness and can bring you more potential buyers than you ever thought possible.   

8 Elements of a Product Launch Press Release   

As an important and powerful PR tool, a product launch press release must be well written. To do this, you need to understand its key elements:    

1. The Logo 

Your logo is the visual representation of your brand's identity and values. With an attractive logo, people will recognise your brand, your product and/or service and your company. 

So make sure you create and display your logo prominently, as it will help people get to know your brand image. 

2. Contact Details 

Your press release must include the correct contact details. If the editor or journalist needs to ask you a few questions, it will be easy to get in touch with you.   

As this is for the editor or journalist, do not confuse it with a customer service contact. On this element you can include the contact details of the relevant marketing director or public relations officer.  

3. Great Headline 

No matter how useful and great your product or press release is, without a great headline it will not be attractive. This will reduce your chances of getting many potential buyers.     

So make it exciting and compelling. Keep it short (less than 80 characters) and precise about your product. It will make your audience curious and want to read your release. 

4. The Introduction 

The first paragraph must be relatable to the audience. Start by telling them why they need your product. This includes their problem(s) and the solution. Then introduce your new product. 

5. Body 

After introducing your product in the first paragraph, tell the audience the story behind it. 

You can tell what inspired you to create this product in the first place, the collaboration (if any), and emphasise the importance of this product to the audience. If you do not have a compelling story to tell, you can explain how to use this new product.  

6. Attractive Visuals 

Next, use high quality and shareable visuals for your release. Put a relevant image on the cover and, if possible, include a relevant and compelling video in the middle of the release. 

This will help your release stand out to both journalists and your audience. Attractive visuals will also help your audience gain a deeper understanding of your product.   

7. Closing Paragraph   

For a product launch press release, the closing paragraph must contain a conclusion and a call to action. Feel free to include a hyperlink to your website, phone number, email and any other relevant information.   

8. Boilerplate 

The boilerplate is a brief statement about your brand. Tell what your brand does, its vision, its mission and its value. This information is for journalists in case they want to edit your release. So it will not appear as it was originally written.

Product Launch Press Release Example

For a better understanding, take a look at this sample product launch press release: 

Skin care consumption in Indonesia continues to grow. Based on the results of the Alviro & Nay Research Center survey, 80% of consumers buy skincare products more than makeup products. 

Until now, skin care has been synonymous with facial care. However, body skin care is also essential.  

To provide more comprehensive care, local skincare brand AVA Beauty has launched a range of products called "AVA Joyous Series", which focuses on maintaining the health, moisture and freshness of body skin. 

AVA Beauty is introducing two new products, Joyous Body Serum & Joyous Fragrance Body Cream. They also complement the two existing products, Joyous Body Scrub and Joyous Fragrance Brightening Body Lotion. 

"The diverse needs of consumers motivate AVA to continue to innovate and develop new products. As the name suggests, we hope that the Joyous Body Care range can create a cheerful mood when used. We have also infused this body care product with active ingredients that help the skin look brighter and more moisturised, making it suitable for those with dry or dull skin," said Ava Natalie, founder of AVA Beauty. 

Joyous Body Serum contains niacinamide, glutathione and glycolic acid to help brighten and maintain skin firmness. Meanwhile, Joyous Body Cream contains Shea Butter, Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera Extract, which can moisturise the skin and maintain its elasticity.

Ava explains that for maximum results, start by using Joyous Body Scrub and rinse with Shower Scrub. After showering, continue with body serum and body lotion or cream, which can be adjusted as needed.

To launch the Joyous range, AVA held a launch event at Healthy Park on Saturday 20 May, featuring a flash mob by Yulz Art of Dance, Tulus, Afgan, Rossa and Raisa. This event will last until Tuesday 23 May 2023. For more information, follow the Instagram account @avabeauty.id.  


Ava beauty is a beauty brand with a vision to educate Indonesian men and women to maintain healthy facial and body skin. By developing high quality products, AVA is ready to provide the best products and services to every man and woman in Indonesia. 

A product launch press release is an essential public relations tool that can get you more potential buyers. Therefore, follow the instructions above to create a great press release about your product. We wish you good luck! 

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