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/ Filipino Consumers Name Their Favorite Brands of 2023

Filipino Consumers Name Their Favorite Brands of 2023

Standard Insights
Discover the results of the 2023 Consumer Choice Award, which surveyed 1,200 Filipinos about their opinions towards multiple brands on various major industries and topics.

Standard Insights Unveils Winners of the 2023 Consumer Choice Awards Philippines

Earlier this year, over 1,200 Filipinos participated in a survey to vote for their favorite brands in a wide range of industries. The survey was part of Standard Insights' Consumer Choice Awards 2023, which aims to recognize brands that have earned Filipino consumers' trust and loyalty.

Among the favorite brands of Filipinos, we can find:

Best Mobile Network Operator: Globe Telecom

Prominent telecommunications giant Globe Telecom emerges as the undisputed leader in the telecommunications sector, securing an impressive 41.2% of the overall votes. This is their 2nd consecutive year being recognized, following last year’s sweep at the Mobile Network Operator Awards 2022.   

Best Retail Bank: BDO Unibank

Full-service universal bank BDO Unibank stands as the favored retail banking brand, commanding a significant 33.0% of the votes.

Best Retail Insurance: Sun Life

Insurance provider Sun Life distinguishes itself as the favored insurance brand with an endorsement from 25.3% of the participants.

Best Local Beer: San Miguel

Local beer icon San Miguel secures its position as the favored local beer with a substantial 52.8% of the votes.

Best International Beer: Heineken

Global brewing powerhouse Heineken wins over consumer hearts as the preferred international beer, capturing an impressive 54.1% of the votes.

Best Retail Oil & Gas Brand: Petron

Leading fuel and energy leader Petron claims the top position within the oil and gas segment, amassing an impressive 45.7% of the votes.

Best Food & Beverage Delivery App: Foodpanda

Well-established food delivery platform Foodpanda dominates the food delivery category, capturing an impressive 56.2% of the votes.

Best Transportation App: Grab

Ride-hailing frontrunner Grab emerges as the premier transportation app, receiving a commendable 70.2% of the votes.

“The Philippines has known a momentous year with a new election, a significant impact on inflation, and COVID-19 issues that may have changed the way people consume. We are glad to have launched these awards in the Philippines to give brands insights into what people are thinking at the top of their minds and to reward them for their efforts. We are excited to see how the next editions will unfold,” said Florian Gaudel, Founder & CEO of Standard Insights

The 2023 Consumer Choice Awards not only honour the brands that have achieved consumer trust but also set a definitive benchmark for others striving to excel in the Philippines’ competitive market. This recognition underscores the impact these brands have made on consumers and their commitment to delivering top-notch products and services.

For more information about the 2023 Consumer Choice Awards and the list of winners, please visit: https://standard-insights.com/awards/philippines/

About the Consumer Choice Awards

The Consumer Choice Awards by Standard Insights is an initiative that proudly recognizes brands that prioritize the needs and opinions of their customers resulting in being the top choice in their respective industries. The awards are based on a strict methodology involving real respondents, making the evaluation process fair and impartial.

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Standard Insights offers accurate and comprehensive consumer insights utilizing the latest ad-tech infrastructure and Al-powered system. Our team of experts reaches real, representative respondents to give our clients the confidence they need when making important decisions about their brand's future.
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