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/ Sutera Hall Unveils Premier Event and Wedding Venue in Tangerang

Sutera Hall Unveils Premier Event and Wedding Venue in Tangerang

Naik Kreatif
Sutera Hall in Tangerang, Banten stands out as a top venue for events, blending classic and modern designs. Its spacious Main Hall, inspired by the Cisadane River and the Vanda Douglas orchid, spans 2,511m2. They offer tailored wedding packages, Magnolia and Orchid, for groups of 50 and 100. Conveniently linked to Mall @Alam Sutera, it provides amenities like changing rooms, a VIP lounge, and ample parking. Positioned near West Jakarta, it's suitable for a range of events and is affiliated with Alcor Prime.

Tangerang, Banten, October 3, 2023 Presenting a harmonious blend of classical charm and contemporary elegance, Sutera Hall has officially announced its status as Tangerang’s go-to destination for events, weddings, and conferences. Offering state-of-the-art facilities coupled with an expert team, Sutera Hall promises events that aren’t just hosted, but celebrated.

"Our aim isn’t just to be another venue. We want it to be an unforgettable experience," says Tjandra Wancik a representative from Sutera Hall. The iconic Main Hall, devoid of any obstructing columns and spanning over a massive 2,511m2, borrows design inspirations from local wonders like the Cisadane River and the Vanda Douglas orchid. A fusion of heritage and innovation is evident in every corner, making events truly extraordinary.

From the Wedding Package offering for intimate weddings to the strategic location attached to Mall @Alam Sutera, Sutera Hall seems to have thought of everything. Guests can enjoy special wedding packages, such as the Magnolia and Orchid packages, which accommodate 50 to 100 people respectively. These packages offer amenities from buffet menus by TableTop Catering to VIP rooms, ensuring every need is catered for.

One of the standout features includes direct access to Mall @Alam Sutera. This not only provides convenience but elevates the overall experience for guests. Additional facilities range from private changing rooms, a VIP lounge designed for utmost comfort, a sprawling parking area for over 2000 vehicles, and a versatile backstage area equipped with a loading dock.

Conveniently located near West Jakarta, Sutera Hall’s versatility shines through. Whether you're aiming for a corporate conference, a lavish wedding, an extensive exhibition, or an electrifying concert, this venue promises an unparalleled experience.

"Sutera Hall isn’t just about the space of a venue. It's about the stories we help to create. Whether you're taking the next big step in your personal life or in business, we're here to ensure that step is memorable," Tjandra adds.

To those interested, Sutera Hall invites you to explore their offerings more deeply. For more detailed information, or to get a feel of their comprehensive price list, the venue encourages potential clients to reach out.  A proud member of *Alcor Prime*, Sutera Hall is more than just a venue. It's an emblem of luxury, comfort, and memorable experiences in Tangerang.  

For inquiries and bookings:

Sutera Hall*

Mall @ Alam Sutera,

Jl. Jalur Sutera Bar. No.16, 

Panunggangan Tim., Kec. Pinang,

Kota Tangerang, Banten 15143

0818 181 670


To stay updated with what's happening at Sutera Hall, follow them on https://www.instagram.com/suterahall or visit their website [https://suterahall.com/.](https://suterahall.com/)

About Sutera Hall:

A proud member of Alcor Prime, Sutera Hall is more than just a venue. Located in Tangerang, adjacent to Mall @Alam Sutera, Sutera Hall is a blend of classical elegance and modern design. Inspired by the Cisadane River and the Vanda Douglas orchid, this column-free Main Hall offers state-of-the-art facilities. Perfect for weddings, conferences, or concerts, Sutera Hall ensures each event is both extraordinary and memorable.

About AlcorPrime

Established in 2009, Alcor Prime stands as Indonesia's premier end-to-end event solution provider. Offering a spectrum of services, from event organization to sound & lighting rentals, they streamline the event process. Driven by a mission to deliver unmatched experiences using top-tier products and skilled professionals, Alcor Prime consistently exceeds event expectations.

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Name: Tjandra Wancik (Sutera Hall Consultant) Email: info@suterahall.com Phone: +62818 181 670

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