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/ Now AI Comes to Thrifting Too: Thryft Announces New AI Features To Help Users Thrift Smarter

Now AI Comes to Thrifting Too: Thryft Announces New AI Features To Help Users Thrift Smarter

SINGAPORE, May 17, 2023 - Thryft, a leading re-commerce start-up in Asia, is redefining the thrifting scene by introducing innovative AI features to help users in their search and discovery of second-hand items, making it the first of its kind in Asia.

Guided by Thryft's philosophy of making sustainability and doing good accessible to all, Thryft is harnessing the power of AI to refine the second-hand shopping experience, streamline product discovery, and efficiently manage its rapidly expanding inventory, marking a significant leap forward in the application of AI technology to thrift shopping.

1. Find what you need with Riley, Your Virtual Thrift Companion

Navigating through a vast inventory of unique thrift items can be overwhelming. Thryft addresses this challenge with its innovative AI tool, Riley, the virtual thrift companion. Riley presents concise book summaries in eight words or fewer, offering users a swift insight into each book's content. For titles that catch their eyes, users can delve deeper in "Riley Says", an AI-generated section on the product page that offers a recommendation of the book and matches the book with its intended reader.

To ease the process of discovery, users can converse with Riley via Telegram to receive personalised book recommendations based on their preferences for genre, theme, and other keywords. Thryft is working on fully integrating Riley into its online store, to provide a unified browsing experience soon.

2. Discover More with "Similar Reads"

Thryft's AI-powered "Similar Reads" feature offers book recommendations based on the themes and topics of the book a user is currently exploring. If a sought-after item has been snapped up by another user, the "Similar Reads" section opens up a trove of closely related titles for users to explore. This innovative feature ensures that recommendations are relevant and personalised, so that users can find what they are looking for more easily.

3. Pioneering Resale Tech: A Journey from Books to Apparel

Thryft has persistently pushed the boundaries of resale tech and AI to recirculate second-hand goods at scale. Having started with books in 2020, and now boasting an inventory of over 30,000 unique titles, Thryft is making strides into the clothing industry. This expansion comes after Thryft's recent acquisition of Tryftshop, a local thrift store.

Using cutting-edge machine learning and AI models, Thryft can identify, process, and classify clothes efficiently, and is set to scale its online clothing inventory to reach 10,000 items in the next two months. Users can also anticipate future AI-enhanced features on the website designed to personalise and enhance the clothing browsing experience.

"Thrifting is more than just shopping – it's about the thrill of finding something unique and special," said Eddie Lim, CEO of Thryft. "We see tremendous value in using AI to enhance the thrift experience, making it easier than ever for users to discover products they will truly love. We hope that through Thryft, we are not just bringing thrift stores online, but also recreating the joy and excitement of thrift shopping."

Thryft's innovative use of AI stems from its commitment to not only enhance the thrifting experience for users but also to drive a more sustainable model of consumption in Asia. Visit Thryft's online platform at thryft.asia to experience the future of thrifting first-hand.

About Thryft
We are a sustainable thrift store bringing you quality, affordable books and clothes while doing good for the people and the planet.

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