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/ Pebble.by Makes Video Commerce a Breeze for Businesses

Pebble.by Makes Video Commerce a Breeze for Businesses

Pebble.by, a revolutionary video commerce platform, empowers businesses to drive more sales from their e-commerce websites with interactive, shoppable experiences made easy. Pebble platform allows users to customize and deliver video assets to their website easily without coding.

Pebble.by, a revolutionary video commerce platform, empowers businesses to drive more sales from their e-commerce websites with interactive, shoppable experiences made easy.

Pebble allows businesses to leverage the power of short video, the most engaging content format, to revolutionise the shopping experience, boost engagement and drive greater revenue on their online storefronts.

Utilized by dozens of leading homegrown e-commerce brands including Hegen and Tocco Toscano, Pebble videos have helped increase time on page by up to 8x, leading to increased engagement and conversion uplifts by up to 40%.

Convenient and easy to use, users can easily add short videos to any product page in popular formats (stories, carousels, widgets) with near zero impact on site speed and see immediate results via the platform’s built-in video analytics to track what converts best.

Multiple ways to publish videos
Multiple ways to publish videos

Pebble videos are also optimized for fast delivery to any device, with interactive and shoppable features available for seamless in-video shopping and convenience.

The platform is betting big that short videos will soon outpace content consumption of traditional images and text on e-commerce storefronts as more brands are producing short videos to keep customers engaged, entertained, and primed to buy.

“Whether its user generated content (UGC), product demos, best performing ads, or popular social media clips, we believe every e-commerce website should have short videos on their product pages to help customers see more of what they want to purchase and drive conversions.” says Toh Xue Zun, CEO and Co-Founder of Pebble. “Our user-friendly platform enables businesses of all sizes to easily create short, shoppable video experiences in minutes in various popular formats, fully customizable, without any technical expertise required. Everything you need to turn your site into a binge-worthy experience.”

Pebble.by offers a suite of features designed to make video commerce accessible and effective:

Utilize Existing Video Content: Easily repurpose existing videos from TikTok and Instagram to create interactive video content you can use anywhere with no impact on site speed.Seamless Shopping Integration: Turn any video into a shoppable masterpiece by adding clickable product tags or links, creating a seamless in-video shopping experience.Frictionless User Experience: Allow customers to discover and purchase products directly within the video, see your latest UGC, or view latest trending videos all within your product pages with fast delivery and easy customization.Boost Engagement and Sales: Captivate your audience with dynamic video content, leading to increased engagement and higher sales conversions.

The platform also has direct integrations with popular e-commerce store solutions like Shopify, WiX, and WordPress.

Learn more at https://www.pebble.by



About Pebble
About Pebble.by Pebble.by is a Singapore-based video commerce platform that empowers businesses to create interactive, shoppable video experiences. Our mission is to help businesses harness the power of short videos to drive sales and supercharge the customer experience, ad-free.

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