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/ A solution for postpartum recovery: Lazywaist closes the gap in postpartum care

A solution for postpartum recovery: Lazywaist closes the gap in postpartum care

Medically graded material: Provides support for c-section incision wounds and weakened abdominal muscles and offers an optimal compression level of 35 mmHg for effective recovery Safe and progressive solution: Lazywaist’s 8-week regime guides new moms along this journey and offers the convenience of a home fitting service to ensure the perfect fit.

Postpartum recovery comes with uncertainties, whether after a natural delivery or cesarean birth. Beyond the initial month of postnatal massages, new mothers often find themselves on a solitary path of discovery, grappling with the demands of breastfeeding and work commitments. Amidst discomfort from traditional binders and the constraints of this transformative period, Lazywaist emerges as a supportive solution with its targeted recovery shapewear that provides compression support at the flexible schedules of busy moms. 

Recommended by gynaecologists for post-birth shaping 

Postpartum recovery spans a year, with the initial six months being particularly vital. While aesthetics is the key motivation for many, Lazywaist recognises the fundamental need for structural support during this phase. The exploration undertaken by Lazywaist to address the gap in postpartum care is rooted in an extensive research and development process: involving engagement with gynaecologists for insights into specific areas of concern and recovery requisites for new mothers, including support for c-section incision wounds and weakened abdominal muscles. 

Medically graded material 

Compression Shapewear:
Compression Shapewear: "The Slim" targets the lower body

Compression Shapewear: "The Slim" targets the lower body

Compression Shapewear:
Compression Shapewear: "The Sculpt" targets the arms

Compression Shapewear: "The Sculpt" targets the arms

For new mothers who've undergone C-sections, a hypoallergenic, allergen-free, and post-surgery suitable solution is essential. Through meticulous rounds of testing and exploration, Lazywaist's compression shapewear ("The Slim" and "The Sculpt”) integrates a medically graded material in Korea used by plastic surgeons for post-liposuction compression. In tandem, expert consultations guided the brand towards identifying the optimal compression level of 35 mmHg for effective recovery. With a carefully crafted construction, the shapewear discreetly prevents stitch lines from coming into direct contact with the body’s incision wound spot, enhancing overall wearability and minimising discomfort. The result is shapewear that not only delivers but enhances the experience of postpartum recovery. The shapewear also employs high-quality nylon with antibacterial properties for long-term wear. 

Personalised to fit your lifestyle 

Embracing each new mother’s unique journey, Lazywaist emphasises yet another importance of finding shapewear that fits your natural size, rather than shopping for an idealised one. Hence, a home fitting session and an 8-week progressive regime are offered in its postpartum bundles. This comprehensive package includes “The Slim” which targets the lower body, supporting thighs, hips, and calves as well as its signature waist trainers (“The Shape” and “The Fix”) targeting the midsection, focusing on the waist, tummy, and pelvic support for new mothers as they attend to their baby's needs throughout the day.

Co-Founder Jas Chua's motivation is deeply rooted in supporting new mothers beyond aesthetics. "Our brand is about being a help to mommies. Through extensive research, collaborative consultations with gynaecologists, and tested materials, along with curated regimes, we aim to guide new mothers with progressive and safe solutions." Jas's personal experience drives Lazywaist's commitment to science-backed solutions and personalised care. The regimes have also undergone rounds of testing to ensure their effectiveness on all body types. This journey of innovation continues, with the launch of a nursing bra and upcoming activewear additions to the postpartum range. 

When it comes to waist shaping, it is in fact not exclusive to new mothers; it’s a personal journey for women of all shapes. Just as how braces and retainers gradually transform smiles, Lazywaist’s waist trainers progressively and safely help with inch loss. It starts with “The Shape”, a signature 9-steel-boned shaper to hold and secure your waist as you gradually drop the hook sizes. Once you have achieved your desired waist shape, “The Fix” is the retainer. Crafted from nylon and neoprene, this dual-layered zipper shapewear has no steel bones, making it ideal for body conditioning and workouts, acting as a sweat booster. 

Love-me-Tender Nursing Bra
Love-me-Tender Nursing Bra

Love-me-Tender Nursing Bra

Waist Trainers:
Waist Trainers: "The Shape" at the top and "The Fix" at the bottom

Waist Trainers: "The Shape" at the top and "The Fix" at the bottom

Designed for new mothers and Asian bodies, the Postpartum Bundles, Nursing bra and signature waist trainers are available on www.lazywaist.com and Mothercare Paragon from now until 31 October 2023. 

For high-resolution images, please download from this link

About Lazywaist
Lazywaist Co. is a luxury shapewear brand that is dedicated to empowering women to look and feel body confident. Incorporating touches of femininity in our designs, Lazywaist aims to shape every woman's desires with sexy and functional collections at the highest level of style. Focusing on the quality and natural material properties of materials – we pride ourselves on only the highest quality of shapewear that is functional, comfortable, and effective.
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