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/ GMT launches the 001-OxC: Global Mangrove Trust Restoration and Conservation project in North Sumatra

GMT launches the 001-OxC: Global Mangrove Trust Restoration and Conservation project in North Sumatra

Global Mangrove Trust
he Global Mangrove Trust (GMT) is delighted to announce the successful launch of its 001-OxC Global Mangrove Trust Restoration & Conservation project in North Sumatra. GMT is a Singaporean NGO that specializes in developing technology solutions for reforestation and forest conservation projects in Southeast Asia. The organization, as an innovator and project coordinator, empowers families and businesses worldwide to support community-based mangrove forestry.

The 001-OxC project, launched in collaboration with local partner Yayasan Gajah Sumatra (YAGASU), an Indonesian charity with over 19 years of practical experience in forest conservation, ecosystem restoration, and green livelihoods, aims to conserve and regenerate coastal ecosystems in four villages across 2305.6 hectares of mangrove forest. The project is expected to generate an avoidance of 2,594,027 tonnes CO2 equivalent and a removal of 857,416 tonnes over its lifetime.

001-OxC is the first blue carbon conservation project launched under the OxCarbon Standard, a novel science-based carbon standard that seeks to renew and expand confidence in forest carbon climate projects. The OxCarbon Principles, supported by robust science, complete data transparency, and scrutiny from the academic peer review community, were satisfied by validating 001-OxC through the Kumi Analytics Carbon Sequestration Assessment Tool (KACSAT). KACSAT integrates satellite imagery, machine learning, and ground-based observations to estimate total above-ground biomass and carbon sequestration rates with path-breaking scientific accuracy.

GMT is proud to have the support of Marex Asia, a global leader in commodity and financial markets, to help drive innovation in carbon project origination, governance, and market outreach. This game-changing initiative promises to transform the world of carbon conservation and bring us one step closer to a more sustainable future. In addition to the climate impact, the 001-OxC project delivers multiple co-benefits to local communities via artisanal women’s groups, silvofishery programs, and employment in active conservation patrols across the forest zone.

Dr. Ryan Merrill, Executive Secretary of GMT: "We are thrilled to launch the 001-OxC regeneration project as its unique combination of science-based carbon crediting, high fidelity impact tracking, and strong first-mile bonafides will set the bar for scalable blue carbon sustainable land use in Southeast Asia."

GMT aims to replicate the success of the 001-OxC pilot in Indonesia, the Philippines, West Africa, and beyond, covering 25,000 hectares of protected forest over the next 3-5 years. GMT is grateful for the support from UBS Climate Collective, Personio Foundation, Climate Lab, and Hogan Lovells International in scaling its work.

About Global Mangrove Trust
Global Mangrove Trust was founded in 2017 to empower families and businesses to protect our future through regenerative mangrove forestry. Co-founders, Assistant Professor Simon JD Schillebeeckx and Dr. Ryan Merrill started GMT after a research trip to the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar for a Harvard Business School case study funded by Singapore Management University. GMT’s goal is to coordinate a self-funding conservation easement encompassing all the mangroves on Earth.
Celeste Tan Global Mangrove Trust community@globalmangrove.org https://globalmangrove.org/

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Global Mangrove Trust
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