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/ Malaysia's Leading Drone Solutions Company Is Now CTOS Verified

Malaysia's Leading Drone Solutions Company Is Now CTOS Verified

AECA Solutions Sdn. Bhd.
Malaysian Geospatial Intelligence Technology Company, AECA Solutions Earns the CTOS Verified Seal

AECA Solutions Sdn. Bhd. ("AECA") is pleased to announce that it is now a CTOS Verified company since last October.

CTOS is Malaysia’s leading Credit Rating Agency.

CTOS Credit Check are used by banks and companies to assess a business entity's financial standing.

The CTOS Verified seal indicates creditworthiness and is a sign of credibility of a business, advocating transparency and promoting visibility.

This enables genuine, trustworthy businesses to stand out and be identified as favourable organisations to do business with.

AECA appreciates ease of dealings with its clients, technology providers and suppliers.

As such, “AECA aspires to be a company that other parties prefer to work with as well, which is why we have chosen to pursue verifications and certifications that can help increase the confidence of our prospects, potential suppliers and also partners,” said Tengku Erina, AECA’s CEO.

Tengku Erina Tengku Nasrudin, CEO of AECA Solutions
Tengku Erina Tengku Nasrudin, CEO of AECA Solutions

Ariffin Aris, COO of AECA added, "This CTOS verification is just one of our many efforts to continue to build the trust of everyone we work with throughout the value chain."

Ariffin Aris, COO of AECA Solutions
Ariffin Aris, COO of AECA Solutions

This powerful duo continue to grow their business in Geospatial Intelligence Technology with a determination to do business the right way.

About AECA Solutions Sdn. Bhd.
AECA Solutions Sdn. Bhd. is a Geospatial Intelligence Technology Company featuring superior equipment and solutions. Steadily expanding and crossing borders to provide need-based UAV solutions, this Malaysian company is redesigning its local drone industry by making drone technology accessible and affordable to all industries nationwide. Prioritising quality and integrity, AECA’s team has been a key driver of UAV services in Precision Agriculture and Survey-Grade Aerial Mapping.
Dina Nawawi Public Relations Officer, AECA Solutions dina@aeca-solutions.com

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