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/ The Power of Persuasion Crafting a Press Release that Converts

The Power of Persuasion Crafting a Press Release that Converts

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Persuasion is a must in any business. Although persuasion can be used for bad things like manipulation and malice, the power of persuasion can also be used for good things in business. 

This power is a must in any marketing campaign, including press releases. Without great persuasion, your press release will be in vain.   

The Power of Persuasion

Both persuasion and manipulation aim to influence people, but the two are different. Manipulation is the act of influencing people to control and pressure them to do exactly what you want.   

On the other hand, persuasion is a communication strategy used by salespeople to recommend that people buy a product and/or service that would benefit them.   

In all business interactions, people communicate and try to persuade each other. The power of persuasion allows you to present ideas, make suggestions, argue for or against ideas, and make decisions that affect you and the people you interact with.    

How to Write a Press Release that Converts?  

The aim of the press release is to convert the reader into a buyer. So how do you write a press release that converts and influences many people? 

Based on the book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Dr Robert B. Cialdini, 1984, there are 6 principles of influence. They are:   

1. Reciprocity 

People naturally feel an obligation to exchange things with others for mutual benefit. This is reciprocity. So when you write a press release, give the readers something in return for their attention.   

For example, if you are writing a press release about a product launch, you can reward the first few readers with a special link that takes them to a special discount on your product.    

When those few readers get the discounted product, they can post it on social media, thanking you and mentioning your brand. This will give your brand social media exposure.  

2. Scarcity     

The next powerful persuasion technique is scarcity. People are usually persuaded to buy something when it becomes rare. 

You can use this technique when you have a product launch event. For example, you are launching a product with a collaborative signature that is limited in availability. Emphasise on your release that these signed products are limited to those who meet the conditions. 

3. Authority      

Symbols of authority such as expertise, industry accreditations, seniority and awards can reassure readers that they can believe in your brand.  This can be used in any type of press release, such as: product launch press release, event press release, partnership press release, award press release, etc. 

Building real authority does take time. If you are new and have not won any awards, get a statement of expertise to gain your readers' trust.    

4. Commitment  

People have a deep need to be seen as committed and consistent. By getting people to commit to a small free action, you can gradually persuade them.  

When you write a press release, make sure you include a link to your landing page. Include an attractive pop-up dialogue to invite people to join your membership or subscribe to your newsletter.       

5. Social Proof 

People tend to watch what others do and feel safe in large numbers. Therefore, you should tell the readers that you have many customers.  

You can do this by placing some testimonials at the bottom of your landing page and linking them to your press release. You can also put them directly in your release. For example: "With a hundred thousand users in Thailand, ..." 

Even though some of them may not trust it immediately, this will make them curious to google your brand, search your brand on social media and even visit your website.  

6. Like 

People tend to agree with people they like. Liking is based on sharing the same interest. How do you put this in a press release? You can write a sentence like "We understand that (the reader's problem). That is why we offer (tell them about your product or what you are doing, either an event or a solid partnership with a strong party that will benefit them)".  

The power of persuasion can be used to persuade your press release readers to do something that benefits both them and your brand. Whether it is to visit your website, buy your product or come to your event. So make sure you harness that power. Good luck with it! 

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