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/ Singapore Sets the Stage for Halal Culinary Revolution with Inaugural HalalTrip Gastronomy Awards

Singapore Sets the Stage for Halal Culinary Revolution with Inaugural HalalTrip Gastronomy Awards

Crescentrating Pte Ltd

Singapore, 14 December 2023 — Singapore is poised to spearhead an innovative era in Halal culinary experiences, marked by the debut of the HalalTrip Gastronomy Awards. This groundbreaking endeavor, a collaborative effort between HalalTrip and the Singapore Halal Culinary Federation, was today exclusively unveiled to the media and partners, signifying an important milestone in the evolution of Halal dining. The awards, signaling the start of a new chapter in Halal cuisine, are set to extend their reach to additional cities in the forthcoming years.

The HalalTrip Gastronomy Award is a prestigious recognition in Halal dining, established to honor Singapore's most exemplary Halal culinary establishments. These awards evaluate Halal eateries, placing a strong emphasis on culinary distinction. Participating venues are evaluated on five criteria, including creative presentation, flavor harmony, food quality, menu innovation, and service excellence, with the best performers receiving one to three diamonds. Moreover, leading contenders in each segment will vie for the coveted Best-in-Class Awards. This evaluation process is conducted with utmost integrity by professional inspectors dining incognito.

In addition to the awards, the HalalTrip Gastronomy Awards introduce a Gastronomy Cook-off, an arena for celebrating the extraordinary talents of chefs from Halal dining establishments. This competition will bring together chefs of diverse expertise, challenging them to stretch their culinary imagination and skills.

"We are thrilled to launch the HalalTrip Gastronomy Awards, a landmark initiative set to redefine the Halal dining experience in Singapore and globally. This platform is not just an award; it's a celebration of culinary innovation and a tribute to the diverse, rich flavors that Halal cuisine offers. We aim to set new benchmarks in Halal culinary excellence, inspiring chefs and establishments to elevate their craft constantly. This is a step towards showcasing Singapore as a vibrant epicenter of Halal gastronomy, inviting the world to savor and appreciate the unique and exquisite tastes that our talented chefs create." said Chef Kamal, President of the Singapore Halal Culinary Federation.

According to the Mastercard-CrescentRating Halal Food Lifestyle 2021 report, Singapore Muslims’ expenditure on Halal dining was estimated to be SGD 700 Million in 2019. Local Muslim millennials were identified as the key driving force behind the growth of this sector. With Muslim visitors to Singapore spending SGD 300 million in 2019, the total Halal dining market was estimated to be SGD 1 Billion in 2019. 

The upward trajectory in the Halal food market mirrors the evolving preferences of the modern Muslim diner. Today's consumers look beyond just Halal certification; they yearn for a rich and varied culinary experience, ranging from authentic street food to upscale fine dining, all aligned with their faith and ethical values. This shift signifies a growing emphasis on quality, innovation, and diversity in Halal gastronomy.

"In the spirit of innovation and appreciation for the finest in Halal gastronomy, the HalalTrip Gastronomy Awards mark a momentous partnership between HalalTrip and the Singapore Halal Culinary Federation," said Raudha Zaini, Strategic Partnerships & Projects Lead at HalalTrip. "This inaugural culinary accolade sets the stage for the celebration of culinary excellence and spotlights exceptional Halal dining establishments, starting with Singapore. It is a testament to our commitment to continuously elevate Halal lifestyle experiences."

The first HalalTrip Gastronomy Award recipients will be revealed at the fourth Halal In Travel Global Summit in May 2024. The summit serves as the leading international forum for the Halal travel industry, drawing a wide range of participants from travel professionals and industry pioneers to culinary experts. 

Visit this link to learn more about the HalalTrip Gastronomy Awards 2024: https://www.halaltrip.com/halaltrip-gastronomy-awards/ 

Visit this link for the full press kit: https://bit.ly/presskithtga

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