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/ Wanted(ly) Reset: Your Ultimate Career Resource Hub

Wanted(ly) Reset: Your Ultimate Career Resource Hub

Wantedly Singapore
[Singapore, 20th July] - Wanted(ly) Reset, the go-to platform for career advice and inspiration, is excited to announce its official launch. Designed to empower professionals at every stage of their careers, Wanted(ly) Reset offers a wide range of valuable resources and engaging content to help individuals navigate the ever-evolving job sphere and achieve success.

With the modern workforce constantly seeking guidance and support, Wanted(ly) Reset provides the necessary tools and insights to propel professionals forward. From expert tips to personal stories, the platform covers various aspects of career development, ensuring that users find the advice they need to thrive.


- Stop Procrastinating on Your Resume: Discover three simple ways to optimise your resume, emphasising the essential first step.

- How to Practice Self-Care When You Have a Busy Schedule: Explore the importance of self-care and learn practical strategies to prioritise your well-being in a fast-paced world.

- Layoffs: And How to Cope With Them: Gain valuable insights and strategies for dealing with the challenges of layoffs, providing guidance and support during uncertain times.

In addition to these informative articles, Wantedly proudly presents Kaya Toast Chit Chat, its first-ever short-form podcast series dedicated to discussing relevant job-related matters and promoting mental well-being among employees. 

Tune in to the following podcast episodes:

- How to Ask For Vacation Leave without Feeling Guilty: Learn effective strategies for requesting time off and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

- What is Essential for YOU to Accept a Job?: Explore the factors that should be considered before accepting a job offer, ensuring a fulfilling career path.

- 4-day Work Week: Yes or No?!: Delve into the growing trend of a shorter workweek and its impact on productivity and employee well-being.

To access these valuable resources and stay updated with the latest career insights, visit Wanted(ly) Reset's website here.

Users can unlock exclusive content and personalised support by signing up for a Wanted(ly) account.

"We believe everyone deserves fulfilment and success, and our platform is here to support individuals at every step of their career journey."

About Wantedly Singapore
Established in 2010 by CEO Akiko Naka, our platform, which operates on a social network model, has garnered the attention of close to 40,000 companies, including UBER, Airbnb, and Buzzfeed, along with 4 million users. This achievement has positioned us as Japan's leading business-oriented social networking service, and we are expanding in Southeast Asia too. Presently, we are dedicated to helping aspiring and passionate talents in Singapore explore new career possibilities and driving employer branding and employee engagement for startups, technology firms and Small and Medium Enterprises. #WantedlySG
Chan Bao Ying baoying@wantedly.com

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