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/ Ginza Sweets Singapore: Exclusive Halloween Limited Edition Japanese Desserts for Singapore!

Ginza Sweets Singapore: Exclusive Halloween Limited Edition Japanese Desserts for Singapore!

WeAgri Inc.

TOKYO, GINZA - WeAgri, based in the upscale district of Ginza, Tokyo, is proud to manage "Ginza Sweets Singapore," an online platform dedicated to exporting Japan's finest desserts to Singapore. As Halloween draws near, we are excited to infuse the festive spirit with a touch of Japanese elegance. Today, we announce the launch of two limited-edition treats, available exclusively for our esteemed clientele in Singapore.

1. Halloween Limited Cookie Assortment Box by ISHIYA:

Dive into the intricate world of langue de chat with the master crafters behind "Shiroi Koibito." ISHIYA presents its Halloween special: a delectable assortment of cookies from their premium Ginza brand, "ISHIYA G". Each cookie echoes the high-quality and commitment that is synonymous with Hokkaido's finest. With ingredients like wheat and sugar sourced directly from Hokkaido's rich culinary landscapes, you're in for a treat that resonates with the essence of Japan's northernmost island.

Featured within the box are the "Saku Langue de Chat" in various flavors like Hokkaido Wine, Matcha Milk, and Apple & Black Tea. Notably, the "Saku Langue de Chat (Hokkaido Wine)" does contain a minimal alcohol content, adding to its rich flavor profile.

2. Japanese Premium Fruit Gummy "Saika no Hoseki" Halloween Box:

Indulge in a fruity fantasy with the "Saika no Hoseki" gummy box, encapsulating the essence of nature's bounty transformed into candy. Each gummy gleams like a jewel, reminiscent of its name which translates to "the jewel of fruits." These confections hail from Saitama, Japan, ensuring a blend of traditional craftsmanship with modern flair. Beyond their mesmerizing shape, these gummies are a testament to dedication - from the use of carefully selected fruits to rigorous quality control and the use of high-quality sugars. With 28 different fruit-inspired shapes, it's a Halloween delight for both the eyes and palate!

As a reminder, both these delightful products will be shipped directly from Japan, ensuring authenticity and freshness, so do allow 1 week for delivery.

Celebrate Halloween in the most refined way by indulging in these treats straight from the heart of Japan. Limited stocks available, so place your orders soon!

For more information, orders, and to explore other products, please visit our official website.

Halloween Special Page

Ginza Sweets Singapore Web site: https://ginza-sweets.com/

Ginza Sweets Singapore Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ginza.sweets.singapore/

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