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/ <<Deliver to Your Home Every Month>> Introducing the October lineup of delicious Japanese snacks in our "Omakase BOX"

<<Deliver to Your Home Every Month>> Introducing the October lineup of delicious Japanese snacks in our "Omakase BOX"

WeAgri Inc.
WeAgri Inc. has unveiled the October lineup for the "Omakase BOX", featuring popular Japanese snacks including products from Nestle, Lotte, Morinaga, Glico, Oyatsu Company, Meiji, and Kanro. Priced at USD 32.2 for subscriptions and USD 35.5 for one-time purchases, these curated treats can be enjoyed globally. Along with this, WeAgri also operates e-commerce platforms for Singapore, such as Ginza Cosme (cosmetics & skincare), Ginza Sweets Singapore (snacks & desserts), and Tokyo Fresh Direct (fresh produce).

WeAgri Inc. (Headquarter: Ginza, Tokyo, Japan) is excited to announce the new lineup for our "Omakase BOX", a subscription box initiative that began in August under our mission "Find More Japan - Accelerating the Rediscovery of Japan".

Each month, we offer a unique collection, and for October, we have curated the following items(Partial excerpt.)

・Nestle Kit Kat Sweet Potato

・Lotte Pie No Mi Chocolate Pie

・Morinaga Milk Caramel

・Glico Pretz Roasted Salt Butter

・Glico Petit Pucchin Pudding

…and more!

These products are highly popular within Japan, and we believe they will appeal to our international customers as well.

Like our previous boxes, the price remains at USD 32.2 for subscription purchases and USD 35.5 for one-time purchases. We invite you to savor these delightful Japanese snacks from the comfort of your home.  For more details and to make a purchase, please visit https://ginzasweets.com/products/omakase-box.  

Our character: Shinobino Sakura.
Our character: Shinobino Sakura.

Ginaza Sweets Web site: https://ginzasweets.com/ 

Ginaza Sweets Instagram Account: https://instagram.com/ginzasweets_omakasebox

Other Ventures by WeAgri Inc.

WeAgri also operates the following e-commerce sites for Singapore:

Ginza Cosme: Specializing in Japanese cosmetics and skincare products for Singapore.

Ginza Sweets Singapore: A dedicated platform for Japanese snacks and desserts for Singapore.

Tokyo Fresh Direct:  Offering fresh Japanese produce to Singapore.

Do check out each of these platforms as well.

About WeAgri Inc.
WeAgri Inc. Yajima Bldg. 4F, 7-11-3 Ginza. Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0061 Japan 03-5643-773 https://weagri.jp/
WeAgri Inc. 03-5643-7730 ginza-sweets@weagri.jp

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