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/ Press Release : Definition, Format, Objectives, and Types

Press Release : Definition, Format, Objectives, and Types

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A press release is an official statement that provides information about a major event for the public. It is tailored by the public relations (PR) team and sent to media outlets.   

The PR team usually publishes a press release to announce a new product or service launch, upcoming event, new partnership, and many more. 

Press Release Definition  

A press release is a form of publication that is prepared by the PR team to be sent to experienced media outlets that may be interested. To get published, the PR team must send it to media outlets that operate in the same or at least a similar niche to the press release’s topic. 

By publishing a press release, a company will get positive media attention and can go viral in a good way. It is recommended to optimize the release using an SEO strategy. Because it will drive traffic to the company’s website and boost its rank on search engines.       

A press release should be created and published on this occasion: 

- Launching a new product or service,  

- Winning an award,   

- Building a new partnership, 

- Holding an upcoming event, 

- Crisis (as a counteract).   

Press Release Objectives

There are objectives behind every press release. Even though the goal may vary, in general, press releases have those objectives: 

- Building media relationships with related media outlets. This will help the company for the next publication. 

- Creating a good reputation. 

- Counteracting negative publicity in a crisis. 

- Providing transparency to stakeholders. 

- Going viral in a positive way. 

- Creating a good image. 

- Announcing newsworthy information about the company to a wider audience. 

- Increasing the number of leads and sales.   

Press Release Format

To make it easier for both journalists and readers to scan the content, a press release must be written in the format below. 

1. Contact Information  

This information should be on the top of the press release. This includes the company’s name, address, email, and phone number. 

2. Logo

A logo is a graphic that represents a company. Therefore, inserting a logo beside the contact information will directly tell the journalists whose press release they are handling.    

3. Dateline

Different from a deadline, a dateline is the planned publication date. If it must be published immediately, write ‘FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE’. Otherwise, write the preferred publication date.  

4. Headline 

Craft an attention-grabbing headline to attract the audience. The length should be no longer than 70 characters. Insert essential information, such as keywords, new product or service names, and meaningful verbs. 

If necessary, write a subheading right under the headline, which summarizes the release in a maximum of 120 characters.      

5. Introduction 

An introduction contains 1-2 paragraphs that tell the audience about the 5Ws (what, who, when, where, and when) of the release. 

6. Body 

In the body, explain more about the release. Include facts, statistics, a powerful quote from a key person, etc. However, avoid using industry jargon as the audience may not get it. Remember to insert a call-to-action as well in the last paragraph. 

7. Boilerplate

At the end, provide information about the company’s goals, vision, and mission. It is like the ‘About Us’ section on a website.  

Types of Press Release 

Various types of press releases can be written and published based on the situation. 

1. Launching Release 

A press release is an effective way to announce a new product or service launch. This release will inform the audience about the advantages and unique selling points of the product or service.   

2. New Partnership Release 

A new partnership represents significant collaboration to strengthen the business. Therefore it must be announced to the public.  

3. Event Release 

A PR event can increase brand awareness and eventually sales as well. This event should be announced clearly to increase the amount of attendees.     

4. Rebranding Release

Rebranding can create conversation and attract many new potential customers. This will make it easier for them to find the new brand. Therefore, it should be announced in a press release. 

5. Grand Opening Release 

Publishing a grand opening release is a great way to attract new potential customers. Entertainment and food & travel journalists will be happy to cover this release.    

Tips to Write a Compelling Press Release 

Press releases must be compelling to keep the audience interested to read till the end and be willing to take the desired action. Here are tips for writing a compelling press release: 

- Craft an attention-grabbing headline,

- Answer 5Ws in the first-second paragraph, 

- Write a clear information about product, service, or event, 

- Be detailed and straightforward, 

- Insert statistics to support the claims. 

- Insert related multimedia elements, such as video or photography. 

- Insert a call to action in the last paragraph. 

- Insert contact information.   

In a nutshell, a press release is a newsworthy document that will be published by media outlets to build a good reputation. It must be written properly to attract the readers to read till the end and take the desired action.     

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